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The only one that ever loved me.


The only one I ever loved.


The only one that knows how to save me.

The only one who knows how to hold my hand.

Poetry, I love you for your motherly instincts.

I love your fingers that always wipe away my tears.

I love holding your hand.

I love that you love my softness and always let me fall into your arms.

Poetry, I love the way you kiss my cheeks

When I need someone to love me.

Poetry, the only one that is always by my side.

The one that never lets me be misunderstood.

The one that plays with my hair while I'm falling asleep.

The one who loves my recklessness.

The one that calls me wild and loves me for being like this.

The one that helps me learn how to swim.

The one that swims with me in the deep sea of my mind where I keep all my darkest secrets and things I wanna do.

The one that never condemns me.

Poetry, you always let me be myself.

You love me for who I am and for who I wanna be.

You love each version of me.

You love me when noone else does.

You love me when I'm out of my mind and help me get back on my feet.

Poetry, you're like a mother to me.

We have the same bloodline.

I am your daughter.

You taught me to be free

and express my feelings to the world.

You showed me what real love is.

You show affection each time I feel down.

I love you for your freedom.

You held me and helped me when I was falling apart.

Poetry, you hold me without hurting me.

Poetry, I know you'll never leave me.

Poetry, you are the home every lost soul or orphan needs.

Poetry, you always help me breathe air when I'm suffocating.

You give me hope every single time.

I love you for letting me be who I wanna be.

Thank you for letting me be a child, a lover, a girl, a dreamer

And most importantly:

A poet.

© Iliyana Nikolova All rights reserved.

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