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The stars of your sky
Whisper to the stars in mine
Your moon is smiling
Gazing sideways
To my sun ...
The orchard of the heavens
pours the juice of land and sky
unto the ungrateful;
amongst them, you and I
And if tired hands ...
Too much thinking
Killing the feeling;
Find the unblinking
Gazes worth stealing
Full moon eyes ...
We brave uncharted waters
on boat with crumpled sails
We float where it is hotter
but that's another tale
We lose ourselves on purpose ...
I feel her in the night
With thirsty eyes
Calling mine
With burning heart
Claiming mine ...
River's almost still
Me, in its embrace
Floating like a leaf
Beneath the weeping willow
Hanging down my chest ...
Why am I a stone
Yet to be inscribed
Thrown with other stones
Victims of their pride
You and I,
The last of our kind,
Let us join
To meet the sunset
And tread together ...
Just remember
The most beautiful traitors
Are your eyes
In silent surrender
They'll betray us this one time ...
In my head her lips white-hot are melting
Burning red are thoughts my blood is pelting
This is not a dream
This is no fantasy
This is not a whim ...
She slowly opened her eyes
She said "be my angel now"
"rest in my arms", he replied
I am your angel now
*** ...
See me
Be mine now
I will show you how
sparks are falling
raining down ...
There is a firefly
right above me
Clipping its wings,
wings like butterfly,
shining the way, ...
I am the canvas,
the canvas to the heart
A master painter, blind,
yet peerless in his art
You are the sandglass, ...
She is mine
Her darkness shines
Her touch ignites
a dreamer's mind
She is mine ...
Flowers beneath my window
Dancing in the flow
Of melody near-inaudible
The music of the wind exhaled
In the calmness of the night ...
I don't want to be
a heartbroken Daedalus.
Let me have those wings
so I could be
the one to burn ...
There's a place you go
Place they show
You've seen it
If your urge to know
Disturbs the flow ...
Under a starry sky
this mind would roam
Still awake and painfully alive
Again a voyager
once more alone. ...
On windows
And on skin;
Telltale translucency
Are you ...
A spell is upon me
malicious and cruel.
Is it by a demon of doom?
My dreams of salvation – ...
I feel her dancing as vapor,
flowing upward like a river;
She is the color of rain,
the taste of sunlight on skin.
Her lips caress my thoughts ...
Standing by the roadside,
Taking in the view
Betty's looking lonely
Looking for a crew
Holding cherry blossom ...
She was a myth in my conscience;
She was a myth in my common mind;
She was a legend of great importance,
a legend of immortal sounds.
She was a creature in a foreign kingdom, ...
The day we've just met the sorrow
my immortality was so important.
All the creatures I sell or borrow
will rule over only one instant.
The bearer of light
arrives to blind us;
to show us everything material
is all we'll ever have,
all we'll ever be; ...
Where does bitter
Meet the sweet
Where does glitter
Turn to heat
Where does shiver ...
Loving you is like snow
melting my heart slow
like a hurricane ride
washing away my pride
Loving you brings me to heaven ...
The last beam is for Colossus
The light of a day going down again
Darkness's covering the lowlands
Behold the alpenglow over the razorback
And below the timeless sands ...
Be my Lilith
Who does not obey,
My Delilah
Who betrays,
Be Pandora, ...
If I could be rain
I'd come and go
out of the blue
never the same
If I could be rain ...
I'm on fire.
Watch me closely.
Gates are gaping open.
step into my world. ...
... Take the words that I will say
And keep them safe inside...
... Take my words and let me stay...
In the emptiness that I have made!
... ...
She's crawling in my heart
from every oozing thought.
She wants the force that stalks
within it, I can tell.
Does she mean to steal it ...
Maybe it is I after all,
who chose this life
to watch time dissolve
flesh and stone,
undoing this body, ...
The night is an ocean
acidic and deep,
a calm storm incessant.
The lone swimmer questions
if effort makes a difference. ...
The sin I've committed
I've committed it with you
The sin I've committed
lies between me and you
When I hear the sound of your voice ...
Cut my wings before I'm high
Are you my Daedalus?
We're not mature enough to fly.
I'm not your Icarus.
I'd rather be the liver ...
Separated by thousand miles
What can bring this distance?
Can't see each other smiles
Who knows about this existence?
My heart is yearning for you ...
Two pairs of eyes
Celestial bodies
Two hearts, magnets
Forceful separation
Walls of ice ...
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