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To war!
The queen commands,
Battalions defend at once!
The battleship is pounding on her shores;
and past defensive lines extends ...
Invisible lines and curves
Extend from skin to skin,
In waves, from eyes to eyes
Closing distance faster than light
Is this gravity, ...
I have a face of evil
I'm bound to the hell
You know I'm a true devil
There's no saving spell
I have that beast inside ...
She is the anchor
Of this body
To another world
In colors of eyes
Only felt ...
Everytime i look around you're next to me
And i know you'll aways be
So what's the point in all this mess
If we can't honestly confess
Words just fly out as lies ...
If the people were to only say the truth
Wouldn't they feel more the youth?
If they weren't trying someone to impress
Wouldn't the broken hearts be less?
If they weren't able to say a lie ...
There's nothing I can hear
Even your lovely voice
I'm far from you dear
It wasn't my coice
I fell from the paradise ...
I was praying for rain
Not an ocean
To extinguish the flame
The emotion
But the ocean's waves ...
When something makes me feel bad
I dare to escape
Nothing holds me back,
I can always wait…
And wait… and wait ...
Endless ocean in the sky
Billions of glowing eyes
Watching us
Yet mine
Are locked with yours ...
Can you run away from the past?
Can you hide from the future?
Whether the sins from the past
Like demons haunt you in your dreams
And a faint voice whispers ...
Waiting for you again
ready to see you
inviting you again
to dance with me
I wanna see your eyes ...
Damaged dreams.
Perished wings.
Acid beams.
Venom stings.
Burning core - ...
May be I was born here,
in the middle of lies and fear,
but inside me I know -
here has never meant to be my home.
I may not have fairy wings ...
In the lonesome hours, when it hurts
I breathe by violence, folded in silence
I lost into discovered, washed out the reasons
Empty future I see, this is my reality
Wеre are the losers, dead without intelect... ...
With wings we can fly
With wings we can hide –
Invisible to the human mind
But beautiful as they shine…
Even after so many years ...
I play with words, I live through them,
I make them hurt, build them in frames,
which I crush, or they crush me.
They make me „hushhh“, they make me scream.
I’m born for words, to draw and twist ...
You're looking for life
In this land of cold
And darkness
Walk with me
In the souless eyes ...
A truly beautiful girl
with her eyes of haze,
her innocent curls
and the magical blaze
of her skin... ...
Scene after scene
I fade away… and blend in the end
But when will I see them?
When Will I be able to write the whole thing?
You tell me! I don’t know ...
Dead where all begins
With a kiss.
Just in my mind.
Lost in a memory.
Shadow heart. ...
Don’t tell me I’m born to be good.
Don’t tell me I’ll save the light.
They are people that will if they could.
But me… I give up without fight.
They are few of us, you know, ...
The thing that follows
- from where did it come?
Abysmal hollows?
A windowless small dome?
A question. ...
We shall not sleep, until the day,
until the shadows pass away
and light is coming strong and still,
alike a loudly spoken will.
We shall not move, until the wind. ...
I am free like the wind
- just one of a kind.
You should know that I am a crazy lady,
do you mind?
You can't catch me just like that. ...
There is something about your smile
A tinge of regret that has lost every style
A tinge that I see it's stuck in a net,
in a dream, burried deep and abandoned!
There is something else in your smile ...
I opened my eyes and I saw a rose,
red and warm, but I did not care.
I turned around, and saw brownish fields
with bitter blowing winds and yellow mists… ...
I go to sleep late at night
I cuddle you to sleep in my arms.
There is something magical in this sight
And there is nothing disturbing, nothing that alarms
My mind that something could ever go wrong ...
A chill settles upon the land
But do not let it into your heart,
Do not let your life become bland,
Do not let us grow apart.
A chill settles upon the land ...
Don’t look in the mirror, I know what you seek,
that kid with the future, so clever and brave,
that kid with the bright eyes, that felt so unique,
that wanted the worldand never longed safety.
You’ve never felt safe. The kid is long gone, ...
The fire is burning the tower of gold.
the old throne is fallen, the new throne too bold,
the fortress is yet to become into dust.
The air's getting colder, the flame fills of lust.
Once held onto mountains, and plains in its feet, ...
Now I'm his body and soul
and my heart is no longer own.
He gave me power, he gave me love
and all I can offer is to take my life.
Destiny is hard to explain ...
Да се сбогувам с всички ви не мога,
душата в мигом ще се разруши,
може би до скоро, вместо сбогом,
по-лесно с него да се примирим. ...
I close my eyes, I see it all
I watch the ships coming to shore
I smell the salt. I feel the breeze
Making me tremble and shiver at ease
The dark grey clouds, the icy waves. ...
I‘ll let my shadow lead me on my way
beyond the sorrow of the dying day.
I’ll let the mirror show me what is true
until I look forward the final cure.
I’ll cross the nightmare just to be reborn ...
Another day
Withered tune
Smiling faces
Cheap perfume
Best of luck ...
I am imprisoned in the stupid town.
Obsessed of rage I start to suck my fingers.
Malicious cars and pavements pull me down
With frowned expressions - straight to the abyss.
And there’s a chaos, clatter, bloody roar. ...
Look for me inside you
Search my face behind you
Don’t be afraid of the truth!
Look for me in the mirror
Where you’ll see my hair silver ...
but a whimsical and nowhere bound play with the melody of words.
A gentle wind(ow) whispers in despair
That losing you could only be compared
To losing sight of all the joyful streets ...
A Choice
(in broken English, the only in my possession...)
I chose to fight with darkness,
in blood and eyes, and thoughts - no end.
I chose to keep my essence, ...
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