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Hey there, stranger! 

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Hey there, stranger! 

Can we talk? Can you spare me a moment of you precious time ? Or do I have to beg for your attention ? Hey there, stranger? Do you remember me? We used to be inseparable? Look at us now? Do you like the person you become? How does it feel to kill my feelings ? Why did you become so cold? You used to warm me with your smile and make my day much better? You touched my heart like no one before! What happened to you? Is it life that made you so numb? Or the people you've met? Why do you suffer this much? You shouldn’t hide your feelings. Scream, yell, fight with me but don’t become a no one. Don’t become one of those people we used to hate. Don’t kill your emotions, express yourself! I hate the person you’ve become. And mostly I hate the fact that I couldn’t stop you from becoming one. 

Hey there, stranger! Can you once again be the one I love the most ? Can you do that for me because I never stopped loving you!

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