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Letting go.. 

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Letting go of something is hard. Letting go of somebody is even harder. You feel as if you are dying and there is no one to save you. The pain is too much and too real. You know that no one can save you except yourself. 

Your strength is leaving you. You are alone and helpless. You are doubting if letting go of somebody is the right decision. 

You never know! You can never be sure. You are always risking when you are letting somebody go. Because you never know if it will kill you or save you. In life you always risk!

But your life is always about you. The life you are living is built up by your own decisions. You make up the rules. You take the chances,you risk it all. It's all about you. It's all about finding yourself. Accept the decisions you make - no matter right or wrong. If they are yours then there is something right about them. Be proud of yourself. Letting go sometimes can set you free. By letting go maybe you are getting closer to your true self.

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