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The Degeneration of Today's Society 

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What is wrong with today’s world? What changed? The answer is everything. When I look around, all I see is a degenerating society. Thirteen-fourteen year olds drink, smoke, have sex, and use drugs. People’s perception of needs and wants has somehow ended up completely distorted and mixed up. They have large houses, rooms full of clothes, shiny cars, and yet they want more and better of everything. They call those things “needs”. “I need more dresses so people don’t laugh at me if I wear the same one in a row. I need a fast car so I have better chances with girls. I need expensive clothes so people will notice me”. Look at these examples and think of the true meaning of the word need, and if any of those fall under this category. If you guessed “no”, then you are right, if you came up with a “yes”, you might just as well stop reading at this exact moment, don’t waste time, yours and mine. Let me tell you what a need is. A need is having a rooftop over your head, having food at your table, having a constant supply of fresh water, having someone to share your moments with, both the happy and sad ones, having someone to look after you and having someone to look after. That’s what a need is. There are so many people that don’t have the luck or opportunity to fulfil these needs. In a large number of cases this failure of fulfilment can and does cost lives. People should not judge you for not having a room full of clothes, or a fast shiny car. They should praise you for that. Having the chance of obtaining those possessions but choosing not to is not a sign of stupidity, but a sign of making wise choices and having the right priorities. Such things must be appreciated and valued. On a different subject, most teens and young adults go out, get drunk or “high”, and have sex with people they have just met. The disturbing about this is that these things do not happen by accident. Girls of any age wear tiny skirts, see-through dresses, and in general clothes that send out signals indicating their readiness to engage in a sexual activity. Guys go out with the sole purpose to “get shitfaced and get bitches/get laid” (not that combining these two is a very good idea but that’s a different topic). What happened to the old-fashioned dating?! What happened to going out to meet people?! By meet I mean have a conversation with them, have a good night, walk them home, spend a few days together, get to know them, and then engage in sexual activities. That’s how things are supposed to be. It makes sense - getting to know someone, building up a strong bond between them and you, and then trusting them with your body. Not having a bunch of shots, a line of coke in the bathroom, and sex on the beach, then waking up not remembering anything. It ruins everything. It destroys the meaning of having sex. It turns making love into nothing. All this is going against the natural order. And it does leave scars. It does make it harder to fall in love, it does make it harder to trust someone, it does make it harder to fully enjoy and understand the meaning of the act of making love. Anyway, tonight I just addressed two aspects of the screwed up society we live in – the mixed perception of needs and wants, and the modern-day sex life. There are so many other flaws that I can spend hours and hours of discussing. And maybe I will. All I said is my own opinion. Everyone reading this has every right to disagree. Do it. Disagree. Go against me in an open argument. Judge me. Laugh at me. Criticize me. Claim me as old-fashioned, ancient-minded, etc. Call me stupid. Call me ignorant. Punch me in the face. Crucify me even. I could only smile at you and feel no hate, but only sympathy and compassion for your ignorance and inability to open your mind, eyes, and heart and understand that change is essential in order to get back on the right track and prevent the further degeneration of our society and deformation of the moral values of its members.


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