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The Howl 

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  • Patrizzia, the poem is about the togetherness, about being united, about the selfless devotion between friends and loved ones.. This is especially true in moments of sorrow... Death is a devastating event.. yes... but it is also a moment to reflect on what is truly important in life and to honor the legacy that the deceased person has left in the company of the people that loved him/her the most... As far as "What is life without a baby's cry" quote... If we as a society continue to lead selfish lives in which we are the only center of attention, choosing not to have children because of modern-day stereotypes and prejudices this will have a devastating effect on the world and on future generations.... I hope this brought some clarity about the meaning of the poem. Have a great day
  • What is even death without a mourning?
    What is life without a baby’s cry?!!!!
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