Аз съм музикант и преподавател по пеене. Искам да се запозная с интересни хора и тяхното творчество.:)
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Автор на песента съм аз. Музикантите са:
Вяра Иванова-вокал, бас
Родриго Бермехо-барабани
Шосе Фигероа-китара
Сержо Празереш-китара, флейта, пандейро ...
  1435  11 
He said “Baby think of me…”
And I went to sleep alone in my bed instead of sharing it with him
And it’s a strange relationship we got more like a ship
Than a relation
A ship that’s wrecked by all the battles in our heads ...
Black coffee
They say you read the future
From the bottom of a cup
A snake a rose you shatter hopes
And leave it all to luck ...
Get over yourself - Вяра Иванова
I went walking out last night
People partying hard wouldn't let me get no sleep
Oh, I felt so hard done by
At one point I thought I was losing it ...
Simple things
Simple things done thoughtfully
Spreading words of love
My whole world lights up when you hold my hand and smile
And smiling back is all I can do ...
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