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Black coffee
They say you read the future
From the bottom of a cup
A snake a rose you shatter hopes
And leave it all to luck ...
He said “Baby think of me…”
And I went to sleep alone in my bed instead of sharing it with him
And it’s a strange relationship we got more like a ship
Than a relation
A ship that’s wrecked by all the battles in our heads ...
Get over yourself - Вяра Иванова
I went walking out last night
People partying hard wouldn't let me get no sleep
Oh, I felt so hard done by
At one point I thought I was losing it ...
Текст: Torquil Barker
Музика: Вяра Иванова
Dancing bear
If I could have a dancing bear to tell my troubles to
With a CU Jimmy hat and a sporran with Irn Brew ...
Автор на песента съм аз. Музикантите са:
Вяра Иванова-вокал, бас
Родриго Бермехо-барабани
Шосе Фигероа-китара
Сержо Празереш-китара, флейта, пандейро ...
Simple things
Simple things done thoughtfully
Spreading words of love
My whole world lights up when you hold my hand and smile
And smiling back is all I can do ...