14 dic 2021, 22:45

For me 

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 I am so sorry. 

You are too young, and your heart has been broken endlessly. 

By people you never thought would break it. 

Im sorry you have to put on a mask over your emotions to focus on others. 

Trying so desperately to fix others while your own hands were trembling. 

You let your own wounds bleed out.

 While trying to heal everyone else's. 

Im sorry you can't talk to anybody. 

Im sorry people don't understand, and hopefully never will. 

You don't want anyone to feel this way.

 If you ever told someone the whole truth about how you feel and how you process it. 

They would run. 

No one wants a responsibility like that.

 Im sorry you feel utterly alone. 

Even though you are surrounded by people that love you. 

You don't deserve any of this. 

I'm sorry

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