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Brother And A Sister's Play 

  Poesía » De amor, Otra
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Blood within a blood

Two souls dancing in a silent night

Sigil of a nature unknown

Search the truth beneath the white thorns.

Blood within a blood

Brother and a sister's play

Sword against a sword

Horns against sharp nails

Sound of a razor on a naked skin

Who shall pay the sin?

Loving someone of your kin

Is nothing more but a deadly, tempting wish.

Who shall win?


Blood within a blood

The Moon is embracing the night

This ain't a childish game

But an aiming fight between their stubborn minds

Unleashed thoughts

They should've known what they lost.

Every emotion,

Every motion,

Every step they make

Every single sight of the eyes put them astray


Sharpen blades

Armor next to another

Tempting eyes

Dry lips took a deep breath

Weapons down

Brother and a sister's play has come to an end.

Took their armor down on the ground

They lay on the grass

Scratching nails on his back


Blood within a blood

Neither of them won the fight

But a deadly, sinful night.


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