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Paths apart 

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"In the moment I saw her walking out that room, a flash of memories hit me with an amazing force. The world is cruel. Back in the days we were happy. We were waking with a smile next to one another. We laughed and cried together and now ... now I realized she wasn't the person I once knew, and our paths had divided long ago... but still its them - the memories that remained throughout the years that were warming me.

But now, looking it from the perspective of the time passed, I am happy that we had went in different ways. We have grown up. We have thrived in our own unique ways. We have ...

- Hey, what an amazing surprise. I haven't seen you in ages. How are you? How have you been? - she asked with a warm smile and stared me with these big brownish eyes.

- I am ... I am - I stumbled on all the words that wanted to burst through my mouth and express all things I have been through without her, and how much I missed her. But instead of them, I simply said: - I am fine. - and then I smiled back - And you?

And then we talked. We smiled. We laughed in the busy corridor, accompanied by the voices of the passing people. I remembered all great things we once had, and oh, I wanted to experienced them again, and again, and again, but I knew this was not right. It was just a temporary lust of something I did not have now, and if I did - I would probably fuck this all up like I did last time, and it did not end well for both parties. We were better like this. Each of us following his or hers own path. My heart was skipping beats, as I stood in front of her.

I forced myself to swallow up the pain of the long passed past and wished her a pleasant day and we drifted apart again, and hopefully this time it would be forever."

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