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Winter child 

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It was a freezing winter on Sunday 
When frost and ice reigned upon this world. 
It was a morning, at the dawn of day
And a young family was blessed with a girl.


A son was wanted. Yet he didn't come.
Instead, a daughter that was meant to rule.
A disappointment, probably, for some.
And a challenge for everyone she knew.


As Sun came out to warm the frozen land 
the happy parents met their only heir..
Then a hand was taken by a bigger hand.
But 'little one' was not a maiden fair. :) 


This child was I (as you might have guessed) 
Born on the coldest day of wintertime.
When world was by ice and cold possessed.
And Fate was yet to cast her fateful dime.


I celebrate today that morning long ago
when this world first time was to see
Say something nice if across this go.
As you know - well-wishes are for free :)

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  • Мерси хора

    Tangerine (Самовила), дам идеята беше да звучи като приказка, но всъщност е истина. Родила съм се при -20 температура и всички са били убедени, че ще се роди момченце. Ама тцъ
  • Подарявам ти една песничка, ледено момиче.
  • Помислих, че е приказка, не знаех, че става въпрос за теб. Честит рожден ден! Много здраве и любов!
  • Честит рожден ден, бъди жива и здрава и много обичана!
  • Хубаво стихотворение. Поздрави!
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