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For Her 

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I didn't know who she was. I didn't know where she came from, nor where she was going, but at the moment I saw her, the time slowed down, colors and objects merged and then disintegrated into a shapeless, blurred background in a way that made her look like an angel fallen from heaven. Her white skin and amazing hair, having a nuance of red unessential to any other human being that I had ever seen, left me speechless and unable to move. The sound of people speaking around me and the loud music coming from the clubs no longer existed. All I could hear was my own breathing and the quick rising of my heartbeats with every single step she made in my direction. She went to the boy standing five feet away from me and said a few words. At this point she was close enough for me to see her eyes. Her eyes...a type of green I had never seen before. There was something about these eyes... These were the eyes of a girl who knows pain, maybe to an extent that no one is supposed to ever know pain. She seemed calm while she was talking to the boy; her face not showing any sign of whatever was currently going through her mind. She was impossible to read...other than her eyes. These eyes were successfully hiding the storm of emotions and hurt feelings that she had felt through the years. Rivers and oceans of tears had come out of these deep, green eyes, yet nobody ever saw even one tiny drop. Who was she?! Before I had the chance to get the answer to my question, she turned around and left. She slowly disappeared back to whatever celestial place she belonged to. The music was loud once again. For those few moments, which felt like hours, I was at a different dimension of what seemed to be the same universe. Now I am back. I don't know who she is, I don't know what her name is, but I feel, with all certainty, that one day I will and when that day comes, when I would touch her beautiful skin, when I would stroke her hair, when I would kiss her lips, when I would listen to her voice, when I would be the reason for her smile and the end of her tears, then my life would be complete and I would be a truly happy man. Now all that is in my power are two things... Pray and hope!

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