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it has always been
everyone knew
the answers
to all the questions,
but no one could know, ...
In the empire of pixels, a digital duet,
Wizard and Lady fair, a love set.
Quotes of songs in code they exchange,
In the language of lyrics, emotions arrange.
"Roses and wine," she whispers in the night, ...
She entered my office in the German town,
bringing the fragrance of sweet-scented flowers.
She carried her braid like a majestic crown:
A woman who had some incredble powers.
Her eyes were reflecting the world in her soul: ...
I present the poem with which I am again on first page in allpoetry.com
When the morning sprouts from the night
Like a snowdrop from the brown land
And from the window rays of light ...
Love is like a battle trial:
A wind that's playing with the skirts.
Sometimes it meets denial
And it often hurts.
Love is like bipolar maniac: ...
Сърцето на една жена,
не се печели със слова
Сърцето на една жена,
не се купува със пари
Не се печели с ...
Търсих те...
Мечтах те
Чаках те
Съхувах те
Желах те... ...
Beneath a fluffy cloak of rain-filled clouds,
I hide deceitful smiles, vanities, shrouds.
Like autumn's flowers that gracefully descend,
My dreams with sighs, they never truly end.
Awaiting the winter, glistening and white, ...
The home is where my heart belongs.
Within her eyes it lays
and makes me long to stay,
to feel the warmth
that only sharing soul can bring. ...
No words that box us in
No emotion that brings us down
Just pure hearts and a grin
– it's the way of the empty hand
* ...
Light the candle, John,
the daylight is almost gone.
The darkness is there, outside,
just where the light has died.
Here i stay at night ...
People say " Once you visit that country, you will fall in love". I did not believe that...until that day...
I was there.
Such a place, full of magic in the air...
Like a breathing creature,
It touches you, ...
I can feel you,
I can feel how you feel,
I can feel your pain,
I want to take it away,
I want to make you forget it, even for a while, ...
Welcome to the rise of rock 'n' roll
Just take your time and prepare your soul
For a thousand-volt arc of a pure rock
It's gonna hit you like electric shock ...
Be bold, Hunter! Merciless fate -
in spite of my high rank of late,
drugs, Colt and device
enable D. Weiss
new problems to us to create.
Boy, nobody else is so smart
in making gaffes - this is an art!
Does "God save the Queen"
explain what I mean?
Neurons fail, I always restart.
By letting all migrants inside
I thought by the rules to abide.
DeSantis and Greg
elude, so I beg
New York to accept them with pride.
Beyond twenty-four I would stay,
it's my secret dream, if I may.
Don't claim I like most
elections by post,
no matter what Donald will say.
Erase the clouds
and you will see
the sun above,
the sky so bright
and blue. ...
As the vital acts -
to feed,
sleep and drink,
and even breathe
is my constant, craving need ...
ruins them again...
my blissful dreams.
Moonlight... ...
I am trying to say something positive.
I am desperate to say something positive.
I’ve been struggling to say something positive.
But I’d better keep quiet instead.
The political systems still failing ...
Millions of stars in the night sky yet you shine like the brightest.
Or at least I thought so.
Through the past months you convinced me that you had a good heart.
But after all of what you've done I finally realised how evil you are.
You took everything you could from me with no hesitation. ...
Bush won the war, and it was great.
I pulled out troops on later date.
Don't worry, Afghans,
enjoy Talibans -
new masters of country and fate.
Darkness has scattered all across the room
and I can no longer feel daylight from the window.
The coldness is embracing me quietly,
my face is turning pale again,
as if I have just woken up from the dead. ...
Besides climbing stairs with pain,
I mix up Iran with Ukraine.
Dementia is bad.
Elections are sad
not knowing who'll lose and who'll gain.
My heart's a ruptured dream – its pulse – a scarce event.
My skin grows feathers out of pain, I'm ready to ascend.
This void cannot be filled, these hungers can't be fed.
Immortal hopes preserve the breath that's hanging by a thread.
My clock plays quiet tunes – too shy to say 'Goodbye'. ...
Let’s start over.
We can make it work this time.
I’ll forgive you for everything you did to me.
Come back my sweet lover
Don’t run away ...
I've been driving around lately
trying to find a destination far away from you
But all the roads lead back to you.
There's no escaping.
We've been to too many places together. ...
Hearts shaved, blood drained.
Where was I when you called my name?
They were hiding their true faces - ashamed.
I was in the background, staying all the same. ...
New day...
Thinking of the way
you taste...
Every minute is a waste,
if I don't spend with you. ...
Nature is beautiful
and so are you.
I wish we could watch the sunset together,
then spill our clothes on the floor and make love in my car.
I've been driving around lately ...
I did not imagine spring like that
And I'm not ready for summer yet.
The season everyone loves
But my heart's still sleeping in winter ...
The world is now different.
You are gone, I'm alone with my self-destructive thoughts again.
Even the weather's different.
The sun stopped shining.
You- the child of the Sun- are now gone, D. ...
I pray every night for you to love me
so I can be happy again.
I’m in love with you but you don’t want me.
I’m as blue as my dreams…
I see myself dancing with you, laughing with you, crying with you but most importantly I see myself loving you, lying down next to you. ...
My hands are soft
my eyes are dry
no tears left to cry
to ask me why-
the reason's blind. ...
5 years of love
but it wasn't real love
turns out I was the one faking it.
If you ask me to describe this so-called love with one word, I'd use the word "hell",
but you never ask. ...
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Jump across the fire.
Celebrate the light.
Moon is rising higher.
Flames are shining bright.
Memorize the moment. ...
A crocodile addressed once to an ape,
Hiding in his mind a bad intention.
He wanted all her self-esteem to jape
And everyone to laugh at her pretentions.
"Are you married?"- he asked with cunning face, ...
You make me smile,
you make me wonder,
you make me feel alive,
you make me enjoy my life,
you make me all the things I need...
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