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An explosion of glowing vivid desires,
He draws near, dances, inspires,
He purifies the souls with fires.
Angelic voices, divinity's choirs.
Flames of myst ignite his gaze, ...
There she turns up, smokin’ hot
Riding like thunder
I gazed upon her and what she’s got
I couldn’t stop my hunger ...
Heart pounds, primal call
Senses awaken to conquer all
Thick fur, claws sharp as steel
A predator's silhouette, his presence you can feel ...
There he is, back in town
Cross him and he'll bring you down
A wanted man, always despised
His head is 52 million dollars prized ...
Back in time, in the 1980s
When rock ‘n’ metal albums came out
The bands blew everyone’s mind
They were one of a kind ...
People were to dogs to rough
And dogs decided that they had enough:
They gathered in a meeting altogether,
They found some ink and piece of leather
And wrote their wishes in a pact ...
True self - trapped in the depths, veiled and unseen,
yet unwillingly, without one's intent.
Lacking the tools to make its way out,
forced to keep it concealed.
Intense and immense, power unmeasured, ...
Winning has never been a source of satisfaction,
It has never made me proud, nor given me validation.
Praising and recognition feel truly suffocating.
I need no name, I need no honor, nor a trace of fame.
I need to be alone, I need to sense the freedom, ...
Cast a fire
For the shadows
That were dancing
under silver moonlight,
Deep within a forest ...
In moon's soft glow, they meet at night,
A sweet embrace, two hearts aligned.
In dreams they dance, in whispers talk,
With words as spells, in shadows walk.
Weaving charms, delightful song, ...
The only duty that you have
is nothing but to be.
And how this being is perceived,
how it's treated or looked upon
has no measure with the truth. ...
If out there is one to be helping the trouble of mine
it only is oneself and none other else.
No one's peace would be undeservedly taken away
on account of the misery of mine.
So please, im begging you to keep your mentality safe ...
They only love you when you are happy,
When you can bring them fleeting joy
To utilize you as an escape of the adversity of theirs
They want to be around you
Just when you’re succeeding, ...
A young heart's world - in a cage,
trapped in a tower, till the morrows age.
It breathes its tears, it tastes its rage,
kept in soft skin, woven of sage.
A fragile soul, heard not calls, ...
When you're no one you could be anyone,
you could touch the world with eyes,
each pair with a different color.
You could talk to people and not be
perceived ...
Detached from reality,
the body stiffed and unable of motion
seperated the mind from the body
with no control over to hold.
You watch and observe ...
Left in uncertainty,
travels around amongst the clouds,
covered by mud, by fog, by fear
Yet, still strong, intense, and to both - clear.
Has to be hidden and hindered, buried inside, ...
Why can't I stop
all those feelings, these thoughts?
Was my heart meant to be yours?
My mind is playing tricks,
As memories hang from the abyss, ...
No known direction is meant for you.
Not east, nor west, nor north, not even south.
But you're not lost. Just alone.
Somewhere between the trail ways,
your steps are heading. ...
What if every second came faster that normal?
Is the time going to be broken or the device you see the time on?
How will we know?
Who are we to know these things?
If we had the answer to everything there would be no point for us to exist. ...
Dreaming of you
Dreaming of spring
I'm stuck in this cold weather
Can't take a breath even for free.
Nights are cold ...
My opal eyes gaze through this one dimension
But the disco ball sparks back at me
Branches through winter whispers in disguise
Leaves me paralyzed for the sake of my memory
And in my head, question after question ...
"Just a harmless thought of you"
is what I used to say
this heavy burden is nothing new
I lose my sanity straight away.
It started with a single thought ...
it has always been
everyone knew
the answers
to all the questions,
but no one could know, ...
In the empire of pixels, a digital duet,
Wizard and Lady fair, a love set.
Quotes of songs in code they exchange,
In the language of lyrics, emotions arrange.
"Roses and wine," she whispers in the night, ...
She entered my office in the German town,
bringing the fragrance of sweet-scented flowers.
She carried her braid like a majestic crown:
A woman who had some incredble powers.
Her eyes were reflecting the world in her soul: ...
I present the poem with which I am again on first page in allpoetry.com
When the morning sprouts from the night
Like a snowdrop from the brown land
And from the window rays of light ...
Love is like a battle trial:
A wind that's playing with the skirts.
Sometimes it meets denial
And it often hurts.
Love is like bipolar maniac: ...
Сърцето на една жена,
не се печели със слова
Сърцето на една жена,
не се купува със пари
Не се печели с ...
Търсих те...
Мечтах те
Чаках те
Съхувах те
Желах те... ...
Beneath a fluffy cloak of rain-filled clouds,
I hide deceitful smiles, vanities, shrouds.
Like autumn's flowers that gracefully descend,
My dreams with sighs, they never truly end.
Awaiting the winter, glistening and white, ...
The home is where my heart belongs.
Within her eyes it lays
and makes me long to stay,
to feel the warmth
that only sharing soul can bring. ...
Light the candle, John,
the daylight is almost gone.
The darkness is there, outside,
just where the light has died.
Here i stay at night ...
People say " Once you visit that country, you will fall in love". I did not believe that...until that day...
I was there.
Such a place, full of magic in the air...
Like a breathing creature,
It touches you, ...
I can feel you,
I can feel how you feel,
I can feel your pain,
I want to take it away,
I want to make you forget it, even for a while, ...
Welcome to the rise of rock 'n' roll
Just take your time and prepare your soul
For a thousand-volt arc of a pure rock
It's gonna hit you like electric shock ...
Be bold, Hunter! Merciless fate -
in spite of my high rank of late,
drugs, Colt and device
enable D. Weiss
new problems to us to create.
Boy, nobody else is so smart
in making gaffes - this is an art!
Does "God save the Queen"
explain what I mean?
Neurons fail, I always restart.
By letting all migrants inside
I thought by the rules to abide.
DeSantis and Greg
elude, so I beg
New York to accept them with pride.
Beyond twenty-four I would stay,
it's my secret dream, if I may.
Don't claim I like most
elections by post,
no matter what Donald will say.
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