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Angel or devil?
Rather in between
A man of passion
Following his dream
A soul on fire ...
it has always been
everyone knew the answers to all the questions,
but no one could know,
what can happen to him
in a short time, in a moment? ...
You’ve brighten my world,
you’ve brighten my soul,
you’ve warmed my heart,
you are brightening my day,
you’ve brighten my spirit, ...
Tell me
Did they fall like dying leaves
Like rose petals
When they saw
Your body melting ...
I cared so much
in the past
I helped them all
but they betrayed me fast.
I changed myself ...
Mabon is finally here
Blessed let it be
I've waited for it
Half a year
Just to see ...
hey, remember me?
it's been a while.
i just couldn't forget that gorgeous smile
i know this might sound a bit wild,
but you remind me of when i was a child ...
Even the smell
of thousand
foreign flowers
will not
bring back to life ...
Please just let me be myself
And so what if I wanna be a shooting star
With half a page worth of scribbled lines?
I'm only flesh and blood
Forgive me, the temptation's out of control ...
When I look in the mirror
There is something that I see
The eyes of a demon
Staring back at me
There was a story in the distance ...
Търсех детелина...
Детелина четирилистна...
Казват, носела късмет...
Всичко, що си пожелаеш,
ставало реалност... ...
I have no will to live
I don't have any reasons
To stay alive and breathe
And listen to the wisdom
The world around is hollow ...
To end this miserable life,
This vicious cycle to forsake
You need to have just sharper knife
And will the chains to crash and break.
The hell is here - nothing new - ...
A shade of spirit gray and lorn
Is now beside me, but all's fine;
Inmate inside this mortal form
I watch upon the passing time.
Why has to be this way - ...
I wish I had the strength tonight
To rise my sword against the voice
Which crawls beside the edge of light -
I wish to had for once some choice.
Below my feet I see abyss, ...
A choir of whispers around -
Last requiem for fallen star;
Another cenotaph to haunt
When all the light will fade afar.
I walk in the forest alone, ...
I was told by the sorrow,
For the distress which is going to be -
The hateful light of tomorrow
Brings just nothing to me.
I am cadaver of catoblepas, ...
So dead as me, without sound
The light now vanish never to return;
I feel the everlasting cold around
Inside my interstellar urn.
And again, and again, and again ...
I am the horns in the winds that blow
through Icecrown's haunted halls
Behind every wall
Flying above the Frozen throne
I'm in the snow ...
So here am I - just fall and fall
Over and over again...
I have a scream inside my soul -
A vanish stranger somewhere in the rain.
A breath of darkness, breath of frost - ...
I am a sorcerer from time long gone -
And I can speak with shadows from beyond;
Away in neverending night I go alone,
Above the Void and her black throne.
The carnal chains are now no more - ...
You are home. You are life.
You are pure divine emotion.
You’re my North, you are my light.
You are wisdom and devotion.
You are care, you are strength. ...
Dark circle of grief and despair
I see in the every new hope;
A future nostalgy haunts the air,
And the words lace up the throat like a rope.
The moon is in me deep inside, ...
/to my sorrow/
'' - Come here, sit upon the ground
And hear this'', she says to me;
'' - There's nobody else around -
Just us, and that's the only way to be.'' ...
I see a lighthouse right ahead.
The shine get stronger every step I took;
I saw my body - lying on the bed,
So fragile and so possible to broke.
The words are forceless to portray ...
Segment from the stream of despair
I see in the dungeons of mind;
For horrors outside I dont care,
No matter the answer I find.
A kiss from a spectre at midnight, ...
I know it - there in the night
She always will waits for me;
When comes the final gloomy light
And happens what is meant to be.
Stars, so many and so bright - ...
One winter morning on the street
You gave me a handful of affliction;
And I love, and I value - I adore it -
Just a mortal, drowned in a fiction.
You say you like my eyes and hair, ...
i love animals so much
even those i cannot touch
i can sit in the garden for hours
observing bugs and trees and flowers
one day the Earth will be so green, ...
"Sometimes I wonder if this suffering is going to last forever?!"
"No. Sooner or later everybody are going to die."
"But why is all this?! I hurt no one, never!"
"Yes. And people like you are going to suffer, no matter how hard they will try."
Light. Words. A distant murmur of forgotten wraith. ...
A drifting subpolar circulation
Around the northern hemisphere;
For tired soul a gently invitation
With promise for the grief to disappear.
I know a northward - flowing cold ...
River of poisonous gloom water cold
There ahead I behold in the bosom of eve -
Whispers of sorrow covered with mold,
Words never told and anticipations deceived.
lukewarm white hands and chill grin, ...
Tonight I was told
That you had a smile on your lips
And my execution you behold,
Putting hands leisurely beside your hips.
Hedera Helix wrap around my chest, ...
Drop after drop
My blood flies away;
And when my heart finally stop
Only dust will remain.
Clouds with a shape of sorrow ...
Honey, I'm а simple man
I don't have a lot of money
but U can still be "my buney" - a crown
that U'll bring with a proud,
but if U chasing man with a ca$h ...
Sometimes, when I can't sleep
The shades around whisper in my ear;
A neverending sorrow in a pointless trip -
Just dead cadaver eyes without ability to fear.
Sometimes, when I am drowned inside ...
Is dark again.
My flesh is trembling from the freeze.
My body - silhouette in scarlet stain.
My heart is down on his knees.
I wish the clock to stop. ...
I so much love to put my hand
Gently through your long dark hair -
This used to be my stand,
This even used to be my cause to dare.
Is something so familiar and dear ...
In her heart - harmony.
In my heart - rhapsody...
We - rock-and-roll in the night!
Waves colder over my sails -
Visions of doom and the frauds I despise;
Mermaid so cruel and her somber long veils -
Bottomless fall in a circle of lies.
In this wasteland I can nothing to do - ...
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