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Astarte rules the hearts
Giving love to people
No one can avoid it
Sun Ray
I was once invited to one of those college parties with a group of friends.
We arrived at the address. It turned out that our hosts had drunk all the alcohol that was in the house, so I went with two friends, All and Kevin, to buy drinks.
We went back to the house. Most of the other people had alrea ...
It was a cold winter's evening. I was coming home, the streets were empty and I was hearing dogs barking. However, I had a strange feeling. It was as if someone was watching me.
"What's going on? What's happening to me today?" I wondered.
As I walked, I looked around and saw someone watching me thro ...
You are showered with white light. Photons hurl down like furious boulders and every single one crashes into you as you focus on the goal line. Your ears buzz. The crowd’s gaze is locked on your legs, awaiting your triumphant shot. You trip.
I recently recovered from a mild hand injury—some might ca ...
Looking up in the sky trying to hold on all my tears falling down when the dark blue sky awakens for a burning shine.
It's all therein, every star reminding me of your eyes,
me realising how long has gone since my heart has been about to а beam of light ,
Rain or shine ...
The blonde bartender, lavish and seductive, said to me in a serious tone, "The beer is over."
"I will sacrifice myself," I said in a whisper, pointing to her bare breasts, "I will drink milk!"
Being educated, for God's sake, does not mean having a higher education ... Being intelligent does not mean being an intellectual. Knowing other people's twisted terms by heart does not mean that you are smart. Insulting and condemning a person without understanding it does not mean that you are rig ...
As long as he is alive, every person (in one way or another) pretends to be the devil, and when he dies (somehow) imperceptibly ... everyone "becomes" an angel (in someone's eyes)!
A woman on her knees ... must be respected and courted, not humiliated!
A Love Story
Ella and I were playing the board game Sorry on my front porch with the bright summer sun painting the street and the planks of the floor a luminous yellow. The sun seemed to brighten Ella's face, turning her brown eyes golden with black specks in them. As usual, I was winning, but Ella ...
I am withering because I am closed in the Idea for myself! My heart is unhappy, my soul is in trouble! I am a sad witness to the consequences of my whim!
What are ghosts? Things we are afraid of? Maybe. Things we avoid? Hardly.
I’ll tell you what ghosts are – they are something you don’t bother noticing. Like the person at the bus stop. Yes, that same person you’ve been going to work with for the past five years. Think about them. Not what kind of sh ...
- Are you religious ? - Nicolas asked.
- Depends. - Leslie laughed - Long, long ago we were all. We had different religions, and we fought in their name, because the prophets wanted us to do so. We started killing one another because of these so called “Gods”. Every holy book was interpreted accordi ...
The space station April, a mismatched shape of metal cubes and spheres strung together, orbited the moon of an unnamed, lifeless gas giant. Between the huge planet and the moon it orbited, April was almost perpetually cast in deep shadow, swallowed by the cold darkness of space. Every seven years or ...
"In the moment I saw her walking out that room, a flash of memories hit me with an amazing force. The world is cruel. Back in the days we were happy. We were waking with a smile next to one another. We laughed and cried together and now ... now I realized she wasn't the person I once knew, and our p ...
She was a beautiful woman. Her motley eyes could just bore every man that looked at her. Their green olive nuance that reflected from her chestnut colored eyes was so intense that no one could really tell if they were looking into a thick forest or the bottom of an ocean.
Her warm heart radiated so ...
Always recycle your love,
cause many people need it!
“No one ever has returned from the darkness!” asserted Hallr. The lumberjack’s eyes gazed indifferently at the men in the hall.
Eadweard entered the room unnoticed. A couple of torches were lit at the far corners of the hall, throwing languid shadows onto the ground and the walls. His father was str ...
It was that time of the night when the flames in the fireplace were most delightful, when the milk and the cookies were most delicious, and when Granny’s fairy tales were most enchanting. It was that time before bedtime when the children’s imagination was ready to venture in the farthest and most fa ...
I’m not used to talking to big crowds. Not even like medium or smaller ones. The only time I’m comfortable speaking in front of a lot of people is when I’m home and they are all imaginary. Heck, you could be imaginary for all I know. Because I feel pretty comfy in here.

Ever seen a girl with that ...
Above vast pastures of blue grass the purple sun shone with the overwhelming brightness of a million suns of a more appropriate for a star colour.
The slug blinked a couple of times, its vision blurry and its mind foggy. Many half-formed questions flooded its mind as the slug’s consciousness finally ...
...when the mind stretches to perceive beyond them,
the nuances of existence undermine my very foundation...
...as time passes the boundaries are closing in;
I'm stretching thin
between all the concepts and notions... ...
The Memory Jars
(всички 3 части)
Part 1
I love exploring old attics - they are like frozen pieces of universe, often the last piece of a perfectly preserved but forgotten generation. It's kind of a hobby to travel across the states, and check out the house sales, but you know, the kind where they le ...
The Eights
OK, I had to finally tell this story. It's been haunting me for years, it keeps popping up in my dreams, bubbling like a boiling cauldron in my subconscious. And my mind is going to explode soon, so I'll just leave it here in an attempt to lose some of the baggage in my head. No series, I ...
We are not equal but same!
One is not like another, but you love them all!
The spark... The inspiration is a mystery woman.
The femme fatale.
She wants to be rescued.
She wants to conquer
and be conquered. ...
The rib cage prisoner is digging his way out in perfect darkness... to meet deliverance at the hands of some Aztec god... who promised an ascent to celestial light and warmth. Hence, scars become unsealed and wounds awakened from their ancient slumber to breathe anew, true colors revealed by gradual ...
Path of coexistence
Edge of a razor blade
An impossible journey
The blood drop is split in two
to explore both planes, ...
I see you. All of you. I see your eyes staring at me, through me and beyond me. I see your faces – some old, some young, even babies. You, all of you, just staying there, in your tiny little houses, putting a charade nobody is really watching.
You are all different. You are poor. And you ar ...
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Prisoner of Mankind
We did this. We all did. We should have been dead a long time ago, and yet we found a way to screw things even more, outdid ourselves. Africa was the obvious answer. So simple. This massive piece of hot sweaty heaven sitting right there, undisturbed for thousands of years. Of cou ...
A feeling of incomplete awakening
where sleep has not set in before.
A glimpse of another time and space.
Calm primordial darkness
pervading unity, ...
Hope is...
Her, in the mind's eye
Dancing barefoot
On a carpet of broken glass
Of reality's mirror ...
There they stood. Both of them were frozen and just didn’t know what to say or what to do. Either thought they’d do something wrong so they just stared at the floor. She dared to look into his eyes. They were filled with pain and that broke her even more inside. She just wanted to go to him and hold ...
In some days her love is like a chamomile tea...
she make him relaxed, feel melted, peaceful.
In days like this they spend the day in bed –
kissing and caressing, hugging observing their peaceful faces and bodies.
Listening to nice music. Sometimes he will stand up and play piano for her, ...
Once upon a time in a town not so far away there was a girl. A girl so pretty, so smart, so kind, so strong that everyone wanted to be like her. She had the most beautiful soul. She believed in the best of people. Her name was Maya. Some people connected her name with the month may as then everythin ...
Six months of work had finally paid off. Jackson put the phone on the desk and leaned back in his chair, running his hands through his hair. He couldn't believe what had just happened. The conversation was going over and over in his mind. He couldn't forget the voice of his publisher, telling him th ...
It’s Sunday morning. The laughter of little children playing outside woke me up. Little bastards. What time is it? It’s so dark in my room. Oh, wait, the curtains are covering the windows. I reach for my phone. It’s 9am. F***ing children. I wish they drowned so I don’t have to deal with their annoyi ...
- That little devil! – said Anna’s mum after failed attempt to charm the white cat, that finished with the animal hissing at her.
- Mum! – Anna revolted. – Don’t call her like that.
- Well, I won’t use the name you’ve chosen, Angel is a ridiculous name for a cat.
Anna did not choose this name just l ...
The daily activities became something I can’t run from even if I wanted to just for a moment. The feeling like everything is old was keeping the days, and weeks go by. After every night shift I found that there is no other better way to relax than a glass of beer, sometimes even two, make forget the ...
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