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Random works
Everyone in the village liked Raffi- the friendly mongrel dog who lived near the bus station, in an improvised kennel made of wooden crates. Though not pure- blooded, Raffi looked impressive, maybe because he had gotten many of the genes of his granny – karakachan dog with a pedigree. Everyone knew ...
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Paivi Nenonen
Великденски овце
Пяйви Ненонен, Финландия
превод: Красимир Тенев ...
  2407  11 
The Distance
Even faraway it's nice to dream.
To look forward to something.
Keeps you going up the stream.
Keeps you truly loving. ...
Give me the ropes made of hundred wings of a butterflies and doves,
blind me with a silk thunder
Bind them on my wrists, a living cage,
leave me where we first met, right next to the waterfall of Vexorious
under pale moon light ...
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Една от симфониите на живота ми...
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