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"Otkrovenia"(bulgarian word for "Revelations") is the largest personal creation site with author's works in different categories like poetry, prose, translations, photography, music, art and hand crafts.


Publish your own works: Share your revelations, turn your feelings into notes, create a melody from the emotion, put your words in a verse or story. State a position in the form of an article or essay. Draw your mood in a picture or show the beautiful moments in photos.

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Random works
Will you end my pain?
Will you take my life?
Will you bleed me out?
Will you hang me out to dry? ...
See me
Be mine now
I will show you how
sparks are falling
raining down ...
  445  11  21 
Ill close my eyes
You’ll say it again
That thank you note,
That careful chord -
Sonorant voice, ...
  1439  15 
Hope is...
Her, in the mind's eye
Dancing barefoot
On a carpet of broken glass
Of reality's mirror ...
Текст - Стойчо Станев
Композиция - Павел Станев
Аранжимент - Група Ню Имидж
Изпълнява - Августина Петкова, Павел Станев
  1214  15 
  814  11  14 

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