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Random works
paint me a nebula
in the dreams where
everything seems so
bright and distant.
gift me with stars ...
I dreamt about a dream
I wish for it to be real
But the life is never fair
It put me on a broken chair...
I dreamt about a dream ...
Най - накрая се реших...🎶🎶🎶🙏🏻 Обичам тази песен ❤️❤️❤️! Записана в студиото на композитора Александър Савелиев...
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It was that time of the night when the flames in the fireplace were most delightful, when the milk and the cookies were most delicious, and when Granny’s fairy tales were most enchanting. It was that time before bedtime when the children’s imagination was ready to venture in the farthest and most fa ...
Все очаквах да хлопне вратата,
даже ключа не бях превъртяла,
но останах сама с тишината
в тази вечер, от студ побеляла.
Телефонът мълчи уморен, ...
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