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"Otkrovenia"(bulgarian word for "Revelations") is the largest personal creation site with author's works in different categories like poetry, prose, translations, photography, music, art and hand crafts.


Publish your own works: Share your revelations, turn your feelings into notes, create a melody from the emotion, put your words in a verse or story. State a position in the form of an article or essay. Draw your mood in a picture or show the beautiful moments in photos.

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As you move along your life’s path
toward the future you wish to craft,
there strikes a paradox perplexing –
a dilemma you’re both ignoring and detecting.
If the only certainty is suffering and pain, ...
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Cool shimmering light lingers around.
Leaves of the autumn break the sound.
(And) Only the whispers can be heard,
Untangled from the common word...
As I see the gathering clouds, ...
(Превод от сръбски)
По утринния бриз,
по сребърната вълна,
по росната капка на детелината, ...
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Музика, аранжимент и звукозапис: Антоан
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What are ghosts? Things we are afraid of? Maybe. Things we avoid? Hardly.
I’ll tell you what ghosts are – they are something you don’t bother noticing. Like the person at the bus stop. Yes, that same person you’ve been going to work with for the past five years. Think about them. Not what kind of sh ...
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