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"Otkrovenia"(bulgarian word for "Revelations") is the largest personal creation site with author's works in different categories like poetry, prose, translations, photography, music, art and hand crafts.


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Random works
Wake up and look back to the old attic days, full with memories but not talking about anything present.
Get out of bed. Drink coffee like my dark days. Going over and over again in this unreal world, calling themselves 'Warcraft', which looks as a little relief from the dull monotory of daily life.
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Here I am, alone and haunted;
Begging for forgiveness, lonely.
Being different, I cannot promise,
Not even you can stop the torment.
I am The Hunter and I am The Sin. ...
Ясмин Леви - Още една нощ
Autores: Yasmin Levy
Автори: Ясмин Леви ...
Two beautiful green eyes were staring at her from the mirror, eyes sodden with sadness. In these eyes the sadness always, even in the merriest moments, somehow managed to crawl in and take its proper place. And the present moment wasn’t a merry one at all – she had realized she was head over ears in ...
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