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Салът опря до брега,
но как ще затъне в безпаметен пясък!
Как ще разплиска солените пръски
на тъгата неясна…
И от дългия път да починат ...
Когда я любуюсь вечерним закатом,
Когда над Балканами небо синеет,
Когда обагрённый зарева златом
Дунай очищает от горечи сердце,
Когда черноморскою тёплой волной ...
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- That little devil! – said Anna’s mum after failed attempt to charm the white cat, that finished with the animal hissing at her.
- Mum! – Anna revolted. – Don’t call her like that.
- Well, I won’t use the name you’ve chosen, Angel is a ridiculous name for a cat.
Anna did not choose this name just l ...
What if we turn into a speck of dust?
What if we live beneath the trust?
What if we doing the same mistakes?
What if we hurt each other no matter what it takes?
What if the afterlife just don't exist? ...
A single tear in your eyes
Is dried before the dropping down the ground.
Oh, tell me why your soul is paralyzed
When knifes are cutting it without a sound?
Don’t tell me why it hurts, just cry. ...
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