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Random works
Bring me to Life
How can you see into my eyes
Like open doors?
Leading you down, into my core
Where I’ve become so numb ...
- That little devil! – said Anna’s mum after failed attempt to charm the white cat, that finished with the animal hissing at her.
- Mum! – Anna revolted. – Don’t call her like that.
- Well, I won’t use the name you’ve chosen, Angel is a ridiculous name for a cat.
Anna did not choose this name just l ...
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Музика Rocksky (Наско Христов)
Вокали Meteor (Антоан Антонов)
Текст Radiola (Рада Димова)
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Today's the day you seek, not tomorrow.
There is no future time for you to borrow.
Smile right now through pain and grief
even with empty hands, but a firm belief –
not a blind fool with eyes and ears shut, ...
Don’t look in the mirror, I know what you seek,
that kid with the future, so clever and brave,
that kid with the bright eyes, that felt so unique,
that wanted the worldand never longed safety.
You’ve never felt safe. The kid is long gone, ...
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