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Just remember
The most beautiful traitors
Are your eyes
In silent surrender
They'll betray us this one time ...
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С това парче участвах в конкурса на БНР "Пролет" през 2018 г. Китарите са записани от китариста, с който работя вече не малко години, Николай Ганчев ( най-добрия нотариус сред музикантите и най-добрия музикант сред нотариусите ) :-)
Paivi Nenonen
Великденски овце
Пяйви Ненонен, Финландия
превод: Красимир Тенев ...
  1765  11 
It was that time of the night when the flames in the fireplace were most delightful, when the milk and the cookies were most delicious, and when Granny’s fairy tales were most enchanting. It was that time before bedtime when the children’s imagination was ready to venture in the farthest and most fa ...
I loved the watch on his masculine hand... But the most I liked for his watch was the moment when he takes it off, while staring at my naked body... Men always take off their watches when they do something important... and tonight he was gonna do me...
и моля се съня ти
да бъде цветен,
всяка болка
да те забрави. ...
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