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Понякога оставам твърде дълго
в часа между “обичам” и “желая”.
Да бяха тези релси петолиния,
каква ли песен би запял трамваят?
В пространството между “сега” и “вчера”, ...
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May be I was born here,
in the middle of lies and fear,
but inside me I know -
here has never meant to be my home.
I may not have fairy wings ...
Once upon a time in a town not so far away there was a girl. A girl so pretty, so smart, so kind, so strong that everyone wanted to be like her. She had the most beautiful soul. She believed in the best of people. Her name was Maya. Some people connected her name with the month may as then everythin ...
Автор слов - М. Пляцковский, композитор - Владимир Шаинский
От улыбки хмурый день светлей,
От улыбки в небе радуга проснется... ...
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I fall apart and start to breath in pieces.
The heavy air runs into my veins,
It’s hunting down my thoughts and never ceases
To prove the gap between results and aims.
Our worlds can make us incomplete ...

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