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Random works
  1842  20 
I don't want
to be James Bond.
I don't want
to have his Blonde. ...
  932  16  17 
The spark... The inspiration is a mystery woman.
The femme fatale.
She wants to be rescued.
She wants to conquer
and be conquered. ...
  2981  22 
I'm jealous of the rain.
That falls upon your skin.
It's closer than my hands have been.
I'm jealous of the rain.
I'm jealous of the wind. ...
  956  11 
Музика и текст : Тодор Трайчев
Изпълняват : Тодор Трайчев и Джина Иванова ако помните "Трамвай 5"
Аранжимент : Бойчо Иванов
Още една песен на Т. Трайчев , която направи при мен и все повече се приближава към издаването на Диска си.
A lifeless creature, once human born –
the eons shaped me with no regret.
My human heart they turn to stone,
while memory is gone in gothic menuet.
I see my pale reflection in the mirror, ...
  1561  11  17 

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