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Random works
Not your trophy 🏆❌
Nobody shoots birds in cages
The high-flying ones with widely spread
wings are always the favorite target 🎯 ...
Hello my dear,
you want to know...
Can we pause time,
or just run it slow.
No one is able ...
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Много често в живота ми се случват събития за които нямам обяснение...По някой път дори си задавам въпроса "Защо трябва да преминавам през тези преживявания?"
Но също така вярвам че всяко едно нещо се случва поради определена причина, която аз по някой път не мога да видя и осъзная в момента.
Тази п ...
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Sanremo 2019
Джулия Мути - Поне три
Санремо 2019
--------------------------------------------------------------------- ...
There they stood. Both of them were frozen and just didn’t know what to say or what to do. Either thought they’d do something wrong so they just stared at the floor. She dared to look into his eyes. They were filled with pain and that broke her even more inside. She just wanted to go to him and hold ...
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