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Publish your own works: Share your revelations, turn your feelings into notes, create a melody from the emotion, put your words in a verse or story. State a position in the form of an article or essay. Draw your mood in a picture or show the beautiful moments in photos.

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Random works
The time was out
and he was there -
in space of woods
and screaming trees.
His face was sad, ...
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Представих си теб
душата ти бе червена, съзнанието - синьо
И съдбата озари творението ми.
Тази моя мечта пороби страстта ми,
реалността бе винаги толкова далечна ...
He said “Baby think of me…”
And I went to sleep alone in my bed instead of sharing it with him
And it’s a strange relationship we got more like a ship
Than a relation
A ship that’s wrecked by all the battles in our heads ...
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  911  12  11 
Whenever I think of us, what becomes of my mind
Is a mess which I cannot trust; I am suddenly blind.
Every day I just grind, and surely I’m not the first,
But even working, I find, time to think about her.
When she’s here, time’s a blur, moving in a straight line. ...
I see you. All of you. I see your eyes staring at me, through me and beyond me. I see your faces – some old, some young, even babies. You, all of you, just staying there, in your tiny little houses, putting a charade nobody is really watching.
You are all different. You are poor. And you ar ...
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  854  11 

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