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Каква любов
Каква любов - безумие и сила,
Която те съгражда и руши!
Която те разпаря и пришила
Крила за полет с тебе все кръжи... ...
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With mended wings, but never broken,
He tames thy demons in the dark of night
And sings of thoughts long left unspoken…
A voice of angel … menace to the weak of heart.
And what was once so lost, forgotten ...
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There they stood. Both of them were frozen and just didn’t know what to say or what to do. Either thought they’d do something wrong so they just stared at the floor. She dared to look into his eyes. They were filled with pain and that broke her even more inside. She just wanted to go to him and hold ...
Старата циганка Мег
Джон Кийтс (1795 – 1821)
превод : Красимир Тенев
Живяла стара ромка – Мег,
сред горските блата, ...
  1950  13 

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