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in a dream
my arms were wings
that shed one feather
and in your hands
it found its way ...
Гледайте музикалното видео в моя YouTube канал:
Парчето е специален поздрав за всички абитуриенти и е създадено по случай техния празник.
Music is a phantom and a muse,
it can frighten or amuse.
Music is an illusion so real
you can't help but feel.
It moves you in intricate ways, ...
Once upon a time in a town not so far away there was a girl. A girl so pretty, so smart, so kind, so strong that everyone wanted to be like her. She had the most beautiful soul. She believed in the best of people. Her name was Maya. Some people connected her name with the month may as then everythin ...
„Искам да ме почувстваш”, Никос Вертис / превод от гръцки език /
Да знаеш колко мразя нощите,
които ме наказват за това, че те загубих,
и признавам – искам да те видя,
и да не преживявам друга нощ като тази. ...
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