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"Otkrovenia"(bulgarian word for "Revelations") is the largest personal creation site with author's works in different categories like poetry, prose, translations, photography, music, art and hand crafts.


Publish your own works: Share your revelations, turn your feelings into notes, create a melody from the emotion, put your words in a verse or story. State a position in the form of an article or essay. Draw your mood in a picture or show the beautiful moments in photos.

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The day we've just met the sorrow
my immortality was so important.
All the creatures I sell or borrow
will rule over only one instant.
The space station April, a mismatched shape of metal cubes and spheres strung together, orbited the moon of an unnamed, lifeless gas giant. Between the huge planet and the moon it orbited, April was almost perpetually cast in deep shadow, swallowed by the cold darkness of space. Every seven years or ...
¿Dónde podría buscarte? ¡O, dímelo!
¿hacía delante o atrás, por encima del hombro,
dirigir la mirada? ...
If you were the man I loved,
Should it meant a thing;
Would you be the one to know me
and appear in my dreams?
Would you be the man I love, ...
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А животът е прост. Като риза на ангел.
Като детски въпрос. Като плач след предател.
Като водка без лед. Като спомен за болка.
Като плачещ тромпет. Като валс без посока.
Като вълк - единак без луна и без зима. ...
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