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"Otkrovenia"(bulgarian word for "Revelations") is the largest personal creation site with author's works in different categories like poetry, prose, translations, photography, music, art and hand crafts.


Publish your own works: Share your revelations, turn your feelings into notes, create a melody from the emotion, put your words in a verse or story. State a position in the form of an article or essay. Draw your mood in a picture or show the beautiful moments in photos.

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Random works
I shook the hand of nothingness,
pulled out of it the silhouette of afflatus;
opened up and sheltered it
deep within my chest;
and the painting spread beyond the frames; ...
  569  16 
The stars of your sky
Whisper to the stars in mine
Your moon is smiling
Gazing sideways
To my sun ...
„Искам да ме почувстваш”, Никос Вертис / превод от гръцки език /
Да знаеш колко мразя нощите,
които ме наказват за това, че те загубих,
и признавам – искам да те видя,
и да не преживявам друга нощ като тази. ...
  1128  16  16 
"In the moment I saw her walking out that room, a flash of memories hit me with an amazing force. The world is cruel. Back in the days we were happy. We were waking with a smile next to one another. We laughed and cried together and now ... now I realized she wasn't the person I once knew, and our p ...
В душата ми е толкова мрачно,
около мен всичко е прозрачно.
Или съм упоен с еликсир любовен,
или животът ми е така натровен. ...
Религия за смели
Oтключих си вратата, хайде, влез,
обаче се събуй, за да не газиш.
Разстелила съм – благост, чар, финес -
на пръсти пристъпи, за да ги пазиш. ...
  1607  12  16 

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