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Random works
This land i walk for endless times
is all i have and all i care.
It's soaked in blood and many cries,
with scattered bones and rotten hair.
This land i roam forevermore ...
И аз видях: помръкна синевата
и облаците спряха се без брод,
и времето прекъсна своя ход…
Замря земята. Стихна и реката.
И сива димка плъзна по брега. ...
Музика, аранжимент, миксиране и мастеринг: stoiandmn
Текст и пеене: meteor
Докосвам струните на мрака
И прилепи летят край мен
С железни звуци на китара ...
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The Memory Jars
(всички 3 части)
Part 1
I love exploring old attics - they are like frozen pieces of universe, often the last piece of a perfectly preserved but forgotten generation. It's kind of a hobby to travel across the states, and check out the house sales, but you know, the kind where they le ...
  553  19 
Let the feeling shine –
brightly and divine.
Let your heart be mine.
Let me be your wine.
Only you can understand me. ...
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