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Превод от латински !
Eanis versare lea amerium et
hinc caoniro undum umbra,
et silentium,
et in dolore, ...
  1785  12  12 
Flow, my river
Flow, my river, flow
in my veins,
blow, my wind, blow
in my hair... ...
  269  10 
Музика: Дора Desanges
Текст: Дора Desanges
Вокал: Дора Desanges
Китара: Дора Desanges
Миксинг и мастъринг: Сестриче Мило ...
  1780  26  37 
  1311  16  12 
Tonight I'm gonna sing for my brother.
Other half of my soul that's you.
We are ready to die for each other.
I am, what I am, 'cause of you.
As a child you were telling me tales. ...
Everyone in the village liked Raffi- the friendly mongrel dog who lived near the bus station, in an improvised kennel made of wooden crates. Though not pure- blooded, Raffi looked impressive, maybe because he had gotten many of the genes of his granny – karakachan dog with a pedigree. Everyone knew ...
  992  16 

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