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One is not like another, but you love them all!
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Толкова малко нещо е нашият плач;
толкова малко нещо са въздишките...
И въпреки това, за толкова малки неща
вие и ние, всички умираме и ще умрем.
Es cosa tan pequena* nuestro llanto; ...
So much color and
So little light
The trees are jewels
Veiled by the sky
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This Void cannot be filled. My soul gave birth to Death —
I sense its coldness in my room with every taken breath.
I know it in my heart — my life is now an End.
This ending feels like Paradise — I'm going to Ascend.
The clock keeps ticking loud, it's time to say 'Goodbye'. ...
He said “Baby think of me…”
And I went to sleep alone in my bed instead of sharing it with him
And it’s a strange relationship we got more like a ship
Than a relation
A ship that’s wrecked by all the battles in our heads ...
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