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"In the moment I saw her walking out that room, a flash of memories hit me with an amazing force. The world is cruel. Back in the days we were happy. We were waking with a smile next to one another. We laughed and cried together and now ... now I realized she wasn't the person I once knew, and our p ...
...и където всички други те гледаха, аз те видях...
Съдържанието на любовта е тихо, извън буркана с бяла захар, евтините атрибути и едри рози за бърза консумация.
Време е да науча шаха. За да боравя с водата, като дъжддъжддъжд след качулка.
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Впаде ще сонце в трави неминуче
До тих хмарин, що осторонь лежать,
Щоб між мотків, що вкриють, ніби кручі,
Замерзнути й в молитві замовчать.
Тоді скажу йому слова останні ...
Hypergraphia is lacerating carotid
Finally bloodletting into slumber
Hippocampus that
Incinerates its own
Neuron forest and becomes ...
I didn't see it coming right after me,
i pledged you my soul, pleased to be free.
Weren't you saw that false vision of love
runing away and bringing hell from above.
There's nothing left from our dusted tomb, ...
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