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With mended wings, but never broken,
He tames thy demons in the dark of night
And sings of thoughts long left unspoken…
A voice of angel … menace to the weak of heart.
And what was once so lost, forgotten ...
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Това ми е първи опит да правя парче в този стил.Исках въпреки скандинавско наложения стил да има нещо нашенско и затова поканих маестро Теодосий .
Музика и аранжимент - Иван Неделчев
Текст - Боби Ейнджъл
Ивена Великова - вокал
Иво Терзиев - клавишни ...
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It was that time of the night when the flames in the fireplace were most delightful, when the milk and the cookies were most delicious, and when Granny’s fairy tales were most enchanting. It was that time before bedtime when the children’s imagination was ready to venture in the farthest and most fa ...
Болгарская роза
автор: Ольга Борисова
Антонине Димитровой посвящается
Ты где, подруженька, теперь,
В какие улетела сферы? ...
There are many people
And few human beings
Many who are not brittle
And who lack their meanings
Many who don’t know why ...
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