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That is a really strong word! To be inspirited is the biggest gift you can ask for! If you have that thing that just makes you want to be better and get stronger just so you can reach your final destination then you are a happy person!

Most people see inspiration in big stars that live far away in their big mansions with their 5 dogs and 6 adopted children. But for me inspiration is something else. Personally I believe that to be inspired means to have some very good examples in front of you that guide you to the place you want to end up in. My biggest one is definitely my friends. Why wouldn’t they be?

In front of me I have the really beautiful and popular girl who is able to live her life peacefully without even trying. But that is not why I look up to her! She doesn’t care about those things she still works twice as hard as anyone else to accomplish something in this life on her own! And it’s not just her! I have the girl who goes to hell and back but still has a big smile on her face, I have the girl who is ready to beat anything and anyone who stands in her way, I have the quite girl who doesn’t make a big spectacle of herself even though she has every right to because she has done so much to brag about. Most of all I have someone around me who has shown me and still does what actually means to be a fighter. This girl is so strong on so many levels! She doesn’t even have the support of her persons but that never stopped her from being exactly who she is. And she has every the right to because she is independent, ambitious girls with big dreams who is loyal and in one word amazing! If that was me I would fight for it too!

So, yes they are inspiring to me! Every each one of them has overcome obstacles and still is and will do it in the future! These people’s strength gives me the power to continue even in the darkest times, they show me the light in the tunnel and help me reach it.

I love my friends! I am grateful for them! Without them I wouldn’t have been what I am now. They simply show me what it means to be a decent person nowadays. It doesn’t matter what decade you were born in or how old are you if you are one of the good ones one of the fighters nothing will stop you achieve everything you want. And that is what I call inspiration! Being exactly what the society thinks you are not! A good person who is ready to stand up for himself and for what he believes in! They are, and how about you?

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