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My Opinion About Technology 

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In the last years technology has improved the quality of life.  It also has become a great part of our lives.  In my opinion, technology is very much a part of modern life.

The first reason for me to believe contribution technology made to modern life is just the daily stuff. For example, house’s security alarms are something of great need. Moreover, for the busy working women, daily homework such as cook, make laundry or vacuum take less time to do it than before and that make it possible for women to spend their time on other activities.


Not only daily life is closely related to technology. Other important side is medicine. Thanks to advances in technology, many diseases that were the cause of massive death in  the past, now are healed without any difficulties.  It is also possible for scientists and doctors find different vaccines to help people be healthier.


On the other hand, many people think that the use of technology has escaped from human control. It also can be a negative influence on us because it separates us from reality. Many children, for example, prefer staying at home in front of their computers instead of going out with friends and doing this kind of things.


To conclude, all I can say is that without the use of technology our world won’t be the same. We would be hard up and our life would be totally different. Technology is developed by people to help improve quality of human lives and many of us use technological advances in many different ways and try to extract the most valuable things of technology.

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