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National Service should be compulsory 

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National Service is a way of becoming a capable citizen with strong character. Lately, there have been many different opinions on whether military service should be compulsory or not. This is a disputable issue. There are several advantages as well as some disadvantages.

To begin with, compulsory military service is a good idea because people can learn to be responsible. Being in army requires obeying orders and being strict. I freely admit that people can also gain a wide range of different skills and experiences.

Moving on to my second argument, I would say that parents at home can not offer their children all the principles that are needed for them to face the tough life bravely and wisely. It’s argued that military service can offer a variety of programs developed by specialists to attain these goals.

On the other hand, everyone has the right to choose what they want.Of course, every country needs to have a good army and trained people to protect it but all people are free to decide what is best for them.

Furthermore, the real strength of a country depends on its policy and organization. If a state improved ways to prevent war and to bring peace, there is not much need for an army.

        To conclude, as I said earlier, the military service should be optional, not compulsory, and everyone should have freedom of choice.No one should be forced into something against his will.

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