Apr 30, 2024, 6:33 PM

Only them and theirs 

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They only love you when you are happy,

When you can bring them fleeting joy

To utilize you as an escape of the adversity of theirs

They want to be around you

Just when you’re succeeding,

But not because they’re happy for you

But because they yearn for the

Sense of competition,

To keep themselves in track,

And if needed…to put you down and laugh.

And when you break into pieces

Smaller than the sand

They let you slip through their fingers,

Or just pretend they don’t see.


They only listen when their name is on the call,

But never when only yours is.

They want to see you when you win,

But never want to see you win.

They want to see you doing good,

But never better than them.

So, my dear, keep the grief that you hold, away.

Do not delude oneself. If they have the luck

Beyond any doubt will scoff at your decay.

Neither friend, nor family

Trust no fellow, ‘cuz fellows are a lie

Invest in no one, ‘cuz no one is sincerely investing back.

Only them and theirs, but never the other one.

© Losie Calp All rights reserved.

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