May 4, 2024, 9:15 AM

Peace of mind 

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If out there is one to be helping the trouble of mine
it only is oneself and none other else. 
No one's peace would be undeservedly taken away 
on account of the misery of mine. 
So please, im begging you to keep your mentality safe 
and avoid asking me if I need any help. 
No, I shall never dare mess you up with the hardship and misfortune I'm handling. 
No one shall be involved in this pitiful wretchedness, 
I don't want your ease to be taken away
nor your tranquility and peace of mind, with no blame on you, swept away
because you simply had to carry the rack of toil I'm dealing. 


Keep your concern away, and your mind and soul will always untained stay. 



-archives december 2023 

© Losie Calp All rights reserved.

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