Apr 29, 2022, 12:43 PM

The Earth Is A Plate 

  Poetry » Civilian
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The Earth is аn enormous plate
Of which all people eat.
But if you open certain gate,
With serving or with cheat,
You get such kind of appetite,
That you're consuming all.
And with eager and with spite,
You mean that Earth's too small.

And you don't care about the others,
Cause they are just a competition,
And you don't have no friends and brothers -
Only parthners with ambition
To gain much more than anyone.
It costs them too much nerves.
It costs a lot of blood and bones
To those, who don't deserve.

The Earth is an enormous plate
And to consume is fashion.
An evil malnutrition state,
Cause people lack compassion.


© Таня Гулериа All rights reserved.

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