Feb 28, 2024, 11:36 AM

The thought of you 

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"Just a harmless thought of you"
is what I used to say
this heavy burden is nothing new
I lose my sanity straight away.


It started with a single thought
But they grew more and more, I try to flee
I find myself restless, I lose sleep
It's never a harmless thought
when it comes to you.


I cry, I scream, I'm mute
the biggest part of my youth
every time it's harder to breathe
with neverending nightmares
I am your hollow myth.


I long to escape this madness
vanish from my sorrow and sadness
It inks me badly, bloody heart starves me
the one who devours me entirely.


I cut deeper with another piece of my heart
It aches, it breaks, but you're all I used to have
I beg of it to end, I beg for you to see
see how deadly the thought of you can be.


© Кристиана Петкова All rights reserved.

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