Oct 14, 2023, 12:32 PM

A tribute to Loreena 

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Light the candle, John,
the daylight is almost gone.
The darkness is there, outside,
just where the light has died.


Here i stay at night
to wave at you goodbye.
To shake your palm so warmth
and tell you "you've been loved"


Goodbye to you my friend,
still hope we'll meet again.
Farewell, fulfill your dreams.
I'll miss you as it seams


Please let me be forlorn
and wheep those tears alone.
You'll be most dear to me,
throughout my misery.


Be on your path at last,
I'll grieve for you alas,
so take this candle, John,
for the daylight has almost gone.

© Joakim from the grave All rights reserved.

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