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Light the candle, John,
the daylight is almost gone.
The darkness is there, outside,
just where the light has died.
Here i stay at night ...
Далече си от истината пич,
такива като теб ги хрускам на закуска.
Ферари гониш със скоростта на стар Москвич,
стягай се, колана не отпускай.
Дори и срещу мене да вървиш ...
На огъня захвърлих своят дух сломен,
в жаравата да тлее съска и цвърчи.
Да се превърне в помен чер изпепелен,
осакатен, изгнил с избодени очи.
Аз водех смело своя ескадрон ...
На дъното, отново, пак
заровил пръсти в лепкавата тиня.
Наоколо е непрогледен мрак,
протягащ се за шепа милостиня.
На метри под водата е студът, ...
Another day has just passed by
andother memory, another death.
Another Jesus crucified
is waiting for his last breath.
Protected stronghold of the old, ...
It's been a while
i've seen you smile,
that wicked twist behind your lips.
That phoney shines
and all the lies, ...
Tъркулна се почти една година
а ние сме си все така.
Търкулна се, и времето подмина
встрани да бутне общите неща.
Как си ти, денят ти как минава, ...
A vengefull night of new horizon,
devours the world like Jesus on its cross,
despites the universe, is it surprising,
without regrets of every loss.
On ocean floats a lonely vessel, ...
Another day, just another day?
will this ever come to an end?
Who will wash my tears away,
and wipe them with his hand?
Another day, another day to dwell, ...
My dear, do you know what is like to be a helpless man?
I never liked to be, but now i am.
Troughout my life i tried to give the best i can,
it only turned to be in vain.
Will you allow me to manifestate the helplessness i feel, ...
Hello again my sweetest thing of all,
i say hello to you my empty world.
Relentless in my run i'll never fall,
at least i thought i'll never would.
Believe me, as the time passed by, ...
I didn't see it coming right after me,
i pledged you my soul, pleased to be free.
Weren't you saw that false vision of love
runing away and bringing hell from above.
There's nothing left from our dusted tomb, ...
So much love out there, but not for Jessika,
the love so lost for her, but not for me.
That love that's been an agony for both of us
and powerfull enough to set me free.
Is it remembrance now or it's a destiny, ...
When i saw your reflection,
remembered you're a ghost.
Relenteless dead perfection
i prayed to hear the most.
When i crossed tiny Rubicon, ...
This land i walk for endless times
is all i have and all i care.
It's soaked in blood and many cries,
with scattered bones and rotten hair.
This land i roam forevermore ...
Meet me in a bloodpool full of tears,
where drowning waters carrying my fears,
where stream just shapes my nightmares,
where darkness lurks and stares.
So i'm in the middle of it all. ...
Гневът не спи до късно, мили мои,
през пет по пет вилнее и сега.
Той никой не дели на мои-свои,
и дебне подло за отворена врата.
Отгдето мине огън сее ...
Не ми се пише вече, без жал останах и без думи.
Отдавна сякаш огънят горя във мен.
Сега съм тук като китара с неми струни.
Езикът ми претръпнал, грохнал, уморен.
А беше време славно, романисти и поети ...
I'm tracing back my mind and following the sound
through ritmic colapses, tritones and vocal chords.
I'm floating in the vacuum and long to hit the ground
like meteor explosion, my strings awaits the mute abort.
The tremols screaming, the amplitude is burning high, ...
Видях на улицата просяк без крака
за милостиня да протяга свойта длан.
С опърлена от слънцето ръка,
в окаян вид, отритнат и презрян.
Видях как подминават купища тълпи, ...
A lifeless creature, once human born –
the eons shaped me with no regret.
My human heart they turn to stone,
while memory is gone in gothic menuet.
I see my pale reflection in the mirror, ...
Dreaming with the blackness of the dream
i feel you even when you're gone.
Meet me in my dreams and hear my scream,
in ripping fractures of my soul i'm drowned.
Sometimes i see you, distant child of light, ...
Градих и зидах хиляди прегради,
да ме спасят от всеки ги издигнах.
Да не ме удрят злите гдето сварят,
да пазят болката да не изригва.
Години минаха, но още зидам ...
Това е, нека да си кажем сбогом,
изгуби ме завинаги, нима не го разбра?
Дори и думите са дар от празно слово,
изгасна ли последната искра?
Не се обърнах да те видя как вървиш ...
What if tomorrow will never be yesterday,
because yesterday is tomorrow's today,
and the future is nothing but ashes
but only the ashes is all that remain?
Exhibition of deviant sculptures in chains ...
You're welcome to my kingdom of the spring.
I am the sovereign in here, i am your king.
Glory, unity, that's what the oracle forsee,
and power for the ones who will believe.
So welcome and let your quest begins - ...
Довиждане, ти светъл лъч мой,
довиждане, до утре може би?
Довиждане изричам, ала кой
душата ми нощес ще утеши?
Довиждане любов излъгана, ...
На Весо, на когото благодаря за вдъхновението.
Бих искал дъжд да завали,
да чуя капките как се разбиват.
И сухите земи да напои,
цветя да станат тръните бодливи. ...
Here again i am alive, up north.
Where ancient warriors were born,
where water's clenched in icy fist,
where bloodred oath is echoing through mist. ...
Can you reach and touch the flame,
that lights my inner world?
Will you look at it again
in your pursuit for truth?
Will you feel the warmth, ...
След всеки път когато с теб се разделим,
и кажем си довиждане, до нови срещи.
Жадувам сладки мигове да споделим
и да ме сгряват спомени горещи.
Когато в мрака ме оставяш сам, ...
Hope lies deep under the water
buried useless for a thousand years,
where it's ashes no one gathers
and slowly, slowly dissapears.
"Few people laughed, few people cried ...
Beneath the mire where lays the golden absolution,
The Gate stands open from beggining to the end of time.
I hear the baying of the hounds, their retribution
is on it's way to conquer every living man.
I see the hunger in their eyes, so cold and empty ...
Когато те видях,
във синьото море на твоите очи потънах.
В тях себе си познах,
магичният им светъл цвят прегърнах.
На черните ти като гарвани коси, ...
Embrace the anger and let the rage flows on,
depravity now turns to cruel allegiance.
Thought distant shadows you can see it forms
the nightmares of the lost obediance.
The empty shades now turns to silent hell ...
Поет, съблечен гол, без дрехи,
опърпан, брулен от студени ветрове.
Човешкото от мен завинаги отнеха,
онези същите велики архиврагове.
Перото ми на две строшиха, ...
I'm gonna miss you babygirl,
and you'll be gone forever.
I'll miss your voice, your curls,
your smile and whatsoever.
Still hears your last "goodbye" ...
You got to burn it to the ground
and leave no single evidence of its existance.
To ashes turn it, spread it in the world of man
with ruthless passion and fanatic's persistence. ...
Eternal darkness is what i've become,
it makes me drift through nothingness of time.
I'm looking for the place i called my home -
an endless lifetime spent to search the sign.
An empty wanderer without a shell ...
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