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You are so clever, punctual, ambitious,
And you are always playing certain role,
But your reaction is malign and vicious
When something is beyond your control.

You use your politeness to bewitch the others
Politeness is a weapon, not a a kind of grace,
Cause other people cannot be your friends and brothers
They're too imperfect, polluting your place.

You think you're better than the whole mankind,
You think determination is your right
Your narcisism you care as for your child
And watch it growing up with such delight.

Your car gets more affection than your wife
Unlike her it is giving you more pleasure.
You're even ready to pull up a knife
If someone dares to "hurt your precious treasure".

However be aware of your future,
Because your pets are getting on the bed,
Stealing biosphere is often mutual
And on the floor you'd have to sleep instead.

© Таня Гулериа All rights reserved.

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