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  • Blackout

    smallevil (Борислав Ичев) smallevil
    Poetry » Love, Other
    Years, I ran my scanners
    across the flat horizon
    seeking a single error
    a miraculous inconsistency
    in the facade of the world. ...
  • No rest for the wicked

    Liberum-anima (Лазар) Liberum-anima
    Poetry » Other
    I don’t want to just win you
    I will not rest
    I want to conquer you every day
  • Gear and talent

    Bistra_Stoimenova (Бистра Стоименова) Bistra_Stoimenova
    Poetry » Humour, Other
    Camera can't make you a pro,
    It is seeing the picture that does.
    If you start in this slowly to grow
    A lot of time shooting shall pass.
    If you count on a single machine, ...
  • On Education and Other Mishaps

    Bistra_Stoimenova (Бистра Стоименова) Bistra_Stoimenova
    Poetry » Other
    Education (rumour has it) is a mess
    and you have to handle lots of stress.
    The more you go, the worse it gets
    to top it all – it's organized in sets.
    From dusk til dawn you need to study ...
  • You will

    poisonivi81 (Просто Някой) poisonivi81
    Poetry » Other
    I'm not your hero
    I'm your beast.
    Don't need me now .
    Was peaceful rest !
    I had my story ... ...
  • A vampire's monologue

    BlackWizard (Sannhetens Plagiat) BlackWizard
    Poetry » Other
    A lifeless creature, once human born –
    the eons shaped me with no regret.
    My human heart they turn to stone,
    while memory is gone in gothic menuet.
    I see my pale reflection in the mirror, ...
  • Vexorious

    Nevium (Нина Чалъкова) Nevium
    Poetry » Landscape, Other
    Give me the ropes made of hundred wings of a butterflies and doves,
    blind me with a silk thunder
    Bind them on my wrists, a living cage,
    leave me where we first met, right next to the waterfall of Vexorious
    under pale moon light ...
  • Ain't.

    Nevium (Нина Чалъкова) Nevium
    Poetry » Other
    I never was a special person.
    So I'll never want to be or will be
    To myself
    Or to anyone anywhere.
    Don't worry. You will forget ...
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  • The man with the harp... - part II

    Nevium (Нина Чалъкова) Nevium
    Poetry » Other
    / The wound /
    Nobody's home
    Room silent remains
    A deep wound on the body bleeds
    Which will eventually leads soon to an end ...
  • The man with the harp...

    Nevium (Нина Чалъкова) Nevium
    Poetry » Landscape, Other
    Cover my body with a sheets made of silk
    Imagine me walking amongst the daffodils
    Under a silver moon light
    Lie there and watch
    Hear the wolf's howling ...
  • Brother And A Sister's Play

    Nevium (Нина Чалъкова) Nevium
    Poetry » Love, Other
    Blood within a blood
    Two souls dancing in a silent night
    Sigil of a nature unknown
    Search the truth beneath the white thorns.
    Blood within a blood ...
  • Warcraft

    Nevium (Нина Чалъкова) Nevium
    Poetry » Phylosophy, Other
    Wake up and look back to the old attic days, full with memories but not talking about anything present.
    Get out of bed. Drink coffee like my dark days. Going over and over again in this unreal world, calling themselves 'Warcraft', which looks as a little relief from the dull monotory of daily life.
  • Mindscape Voyager

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    Hypergraphia is lacerating carotid
    Finally bloodletting into slumber
    Hippocampus that
    Incinerates its own
    Neuron forest and becomes ...
  • ...

    Draxler (Elizabeth Draxler) Draxler
    Poetry » Love, Landscape, Odys and poems, Other
    The thought of you - a quiet bane
    for my heaven, my unfeeling dusk.
    The great ocean buries tears again -
    bleeding shadow of a painful lust.
    An ocean deeper then the eyes ...
  • In The Dress of Fall

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    So much color and
    So little light
    The trees are jewels
    Veiled by the sky
  • Back

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » Authors song, Other
    I can feel all the sorrow
    all the bitterness that hides in you
    I can see the falling tears
    But I won't walk away! I'll pretend to stay
    Only to see them dead! ...
  • Distance

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » Authors song, Other
    I stand in front of one-sided glass,
    Staring in the darkness.
    You are on the other side-
    so far, so far from here.
    Your picture is all I now see- ...
  • Instructions from the control tower

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    Put some stress on those legs;
    not a dress that begs
    my permission for takeoff.
  • Compass

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    in the east
    there is sand, and fire, and oath;
    in the west
    there is another plague
    of the mind and the soul; ...
  • Intuit

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    Omniscience is empty
    I don’t want to know everything
    I don’t even want to know you
    The evidence is not humane
    No one needs proof of being ...
  • Higher Truth

    satine (Сатин Роксан) satine
    Poetry » Other
    I don't follow any religion.
    I am a freethinker.
    I killed myself.
  • The Dream

    vviivvaa (Ванеса Иванова) vviivvaa
    Poetry » Other
  • Harmonic associations

    vitality2 (Мария) vitality2
    Poetry » Other
    I went out this morning,
    forgot all the mess and the noise in…
    And I thought to myself
    You have the sun in your pocket.
    At this point you have it.(2)
  • Sides

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Free verse, Other
    every grain of sand
    is secretly
    a polyhedron
    that despises science
    like every grain of joy ...
  • I didn't lived, so I can't die

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » Other
    The memories that I had ever,
    now belong to someone else.
    In the summer I'm cold. In the winter-tender:
    an empty mask, instead of face.
    There's no way to break my bones, ...
  • Spiral Fuse

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Other
    slowly going crazy
    twisted and burnt
    two different faces
    one charcoal soul
    sizzling and blazing ...
  • The Light Given

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Free verse, Other
    flying now erratic circles
    I'm the moth who didn't flee
    glutinous tongue of careless wind
    caught me in a single lick
    pulling inexorably into the opening ...
  • The man of tomorrow

    Antinormal Antinormal
    Poetry » Love, Phylosophy, Other
    I am not like other men.
    I’ve no wish to pretend
    to be what women like..
    I am on a love strike!
    For love is lies and dust ...
  • Only not to lose you

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » Other
    Everyday I'm wondering how
    to show you how much I care.
    Everyday I search for a way
    how to keep you safe.
    Because you don't see ...
  • Come closer

    Accel (Ансел Христов) Accel
    Poetry » Authors song, Other
    You make me lose my mind
    With your sweet voice
    For the others I'm blind
    You were my choice
    I wanna hold you tight ...
  • Eternal obey

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » Love, Other
    Thou lips bring poison and delight.
    Thou eyes are brighter than the night.
    I can stay to hold your hand.
    Until we die, burn crimson, dear.
    Thou catch is all I needed of; ...
  • Pathetic carnivore

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » Other
    It was an autumn: like many autumn days,
    when I met you roaming through the woods.
    It was cold and rainy autumn day,
    but to run back at home...
    I refused. ...
  • Everything I need

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » Other
    Don't promise me the Well,
    don't promise me the stars.
    I don't need of nothing more than
    to be with you, while the world collapses.
  • Corrosed heart

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » Other
    I drown in your lies and complains,
    no more want to see your face.
    It's impossible to try to break me,
    when already made a space.
    The debris are now cliffs and stones, ...
  • Sleeping song

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » Other
    'Hush, hush, sweetie!
    Mama's there for you...'
    Whispered the woman
    to her beloved son.
    'Sleep, sleep, sweetie! ...
  • First lesson

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » For kids, Other
    Calm down little child;
    take a breath and look at me:
    nothing is impossible!
    The first lesson is always difficult.
    Step by step, you'll rearn to skate, ...
  • my silent scream

    Маризлат (Маризлат) Маризлат
    Poetry » Other
    One month no fighting,
    One month of silence,
    My head goes louder,
    I'm loosing guidance.
  • I remember

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » Other
    I remember,
    when we were friends
    A long time ago
    in the past.
    We laughed, we cried. ...
  • Downgrade

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » Other
    Like a reflection in the mirror,
    which was forgotten and broken.
    Like a song, without lyrics,
    I'm gazing through the snow.
    And the rimes upon me. ...
  • Broken-hearted

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » Other
    Today I left you, because I couldn't
    Build everytime the life you ruined.
    Today I left and sworn no come back;
    It cost too much to keep my heart from running...
    You never changed, even when ...

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