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Only a moment away 

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What if every second came faster that normal?

Is the time going to be broken or the device you see the time on?

How will we know?

Who are we to know these things?

If we had the answer to everything there would be  no point for us to exist.

Without  anything to learn we will lose the ability to give reality checks to ourselves and to others.

For example when you lose someone you love nobody can stop you from crying until you decide to stop.

That's because the other person will never know how you feel 100%.

But even if we had all the answers we won't have the emotions.

I  watched a movie today.

It was called Waves.

I have watched it more than 15 times.

Every single time I cry for this movie.

I cry for every single person in it.

I feel the pain but I haven't experienced it.

Yes I ca relate to it but that doesn't mean I feel it the right way.

You can cry, you can scream but you won't be able to forget the movie anytime soon.

That's how you know it's good.

Would you have cried if you knew all the answers?

Probably not.

You wouldn't learn nothing new  that could help you at some point.

Or you you will think of a time you could've used the things you learned in the movie in real life and something might have turned out better.

But in the end we learn and live from our mistakes.

You can't become a good person without seeing what a good person is. 

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