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Winning has never been a source of satisfaction,
It has never made me proud, nor gave me validation.
Praising and recognition feel truly suffocating.
I need no name, I need no honor, nor a trace of fame.
I need to be alone, I need to sense the freedom, ...
When you're no one you could be anyone,
you could touch the world with eyes,
each pair with a different color.
You could talk to people and not be
perceived ...
Detached from reality,
the body stiffed and unable of motion
seperated the mind from the body
with no control over to hold.
You watch and observe ...
Left in uncertainty,
travels around amongst the clouds,
covered by mud, by fog, by fear
Yet, still strong, intense, and to both - clear.
Has to be hidden and hindered, buried inside, ...
Why can't I stop
all those feelings, these thoughts?
Was my heart meant to be yours?
My mind is playing tricks,
As memories hang from the abyss, ...
No known direction is meant for you.
Not east, nor west, nor north, not even south.
But you're not lost. Just alone.
Somewhere between the trail ways,
your steps are heading. ...
What if every second came faster that normal?
Is the time going to be broken or the device you see the time on?
How will we know?
Who are we to know these things?
If we had the answer to everything there would be no point for us to exist. ...
Dreaming of you
Dreaming of spring
I'm stuck in this cold weather
Can't take a breath even for free.
Nights are cold ...
The home is where my heart belongs.
Within her eyes it lays
and makes me long to stay,
to feel the warmth
that only sharing soul can bring. ...
People say " Once you visit that country, you will fall in love". I did not believe that...until that day...
I was there.
Such a place, full of magic in the air...
Like a breathing creature,
It touches you, ...
Let’s start over.
We can make it work this time.
I’ll forgive you for everything you did to me.
Come back my sweet lover
Don’t run away ...
I've been driving around lately
trying to find a destination far away from you
But all the roads lead back to you.
There's no escaping.
We've been to too many places together. ...
Nature is beautiful
and so are you.
I wish we could watch the sunset together,
then spill our clothes on the floor and make love in my car.
I've been driving around lately ...
I did not imagine spring like that
And I'm not ready for summer yet.
The season everyone loves
But my heart's still sleeping in winter ...
The world is now different.
You are gone, I'm alone with my self-destructive thoughts again.
Even the weather's different.
The sun stopped shining.
You- the child of the Sun- are now gone, D. ...
I pray every night for you to love me
so I can be happy again.
I’m in love with you but you don’t want me.
I’m as blue as my dreams…
I see myself dancing with you, laughing with you, crying with you but most importantly I see myself loving you, lying down next to you. ...
5 years of love
but it wasn't real love
turns out I was the one faking it.
If you ask me to describe this so-called love with one word, I'd use the word "hell",
but you never ask. ...
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Everybody is writing about true love.
About all the happiness and the suffering that brings you.
But nobody is writing about summer love
the purest of them all and the most beautiful love.
Don't get me wrong, nothing can compare with the true love, ...
The moment I stopped being in love with you was the moment I saw who I was
What I liked about you
Confused little girl looking for her father's love
Looking for male validation without realising it.
But I am a woman- I'm scared, I need strength ...
Преди да започнете прочита, препоръчвам да си пуснете тази песен за фон:
going further, murder is just a word
a dirt on somebody's boots
a body on a journey to reach its roots ...
hey, remember me?
it's been a while.
i just couldn't forget that gorgeous smile
i know this might sound a bit wild,
but you remind me of when i was a child ...
The lair of every witch
is beautiful, warm and cozy...
I - another successful catch!
I don't know you
but I know too well,
Your habit of not locking the door, and walking shoeless on the cold floor
Your worn pijama with small spots on it
Your messy hair which can almost always be seen in the air ...
I dream for a quiet place -
where I can rest while mellow air refreshes my body and face
and not be disturbed by humans loudly talking outside;
or by the unpleasantly loud garden machinery;
or by the neighbour stomping heavily on the floor; ...
I was there with you!
I was waiting for an adventure.
I went to one
but I wasn’t prepared for it.
I left everything and left. ...
I was on my window today,
holding my binoculars,
watching the birds outside.
I love to watch the birds,
but this day I saw something. ...
I asked her,
“Why they send you here?
What do you think is wrong with you?”
and she looked at me with a calm, innocent smile.
“ There is nothing wrong with me. ...
Drab dreary desecration of deformed delusions dawns destructively down drawn devilishly deeper into desolate deformity devoid of dreams.
Deigned divine dominance dooms downtrodden domains of destitute debauchery driven daily downward.
Done deals define duplicitous dukes and demons drenched in damnat ...
beautiful and welcoming.
Nice, clean, ...
You have gone million light-years away
Time waved last farewell with the aeons
The white nightingale sung his song before its
tender voice to be gone forever
The seven moons' light shall be gone ...
Нощта претисна ме до постелята
сърцето ми сякаш спря да бие
пред очите ми райска градина
препълнена с цветя красиви.
Аз бягах към тази красота ...
I dream about you, sometimes.
It's nothing much.
A random conversation
or a simple touch.
Just imagine a non-statistical girl`s feed
to move rapidly following a drum beat.
She jumps and hops and capers and twirls
and other similar moves or verbs.
Like the best natural driving wheel ...
every grain of sand
is secretly
a polyhedron
that despises science
like every grain of joy ...
flying now erratic circles
I'm the moth who didn't flee
glutinous tongue of careless wind
caught me in a single lick
pulling inexorably into the opening ...
poetry has rhythm, it has heart
but only when the writer does his part
emotions flow and emotions go
in the unconscious down below
thought is left so far behind ...
patterns in patterns
emotional chatters
none of it matters
as the mind scatters
instinctive desires ...
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