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  • D Dream

    Antinormal Antinormal
    Poetry » Phylosophy, Free verse
    Drab dreary desecration of deformed delusions dawns destructively down drawn devilishly deeper into desolate deformity devoid of dreams.
    Deigned divine dominance dooms downtrodden domains of destitute debauchery driven daily downward.
    Done deals define duplicitous dukes and demons drenched in damnat ...
  • Mansion

    -Ned (Недялко Воденичаров) -Ned
    Poetry » Phylosophy, Free verse
    beautiful and welcoming.
    Nice, clean, ...
  • Twilight of Parallel Emotions

    Nevium (Нина Чалъкова) Nevium
    Poetry » Phylosophy, Odys and poems, Free verse
    You have gone million light-years away
    Time waved last farewell with the aeons
    The white nightingale sung his song before its
    tender voice to be gone forever
    The seven moons' light shall be gone ...
  • Две ръце

    yankova41 (Йонка Янкова) yankova41
    Poetry » Love, Free verse
    Нощта претисна ме до постелята
    сърцето ми сякаш спря да бие
    пред очите ми райска градина
    препълнена с цветя красиви.
    Аз бягах към тази красота ...
  • Dream

    Каси_Лост (Cassy Lost) Каси_Лост
    Poetry » Love, Odys and poems, Free verse
    I dream about you, sometimes.
    It's nothing much.
    A random conversation
    or a simple touch.
  • Шопско хоро

    vitality2 (Мария) vitality2
    Poetry » Free verse
    Just imagine a non-statistical girl`s feed
    to move rapidly following a drum beat.
    She jumps and hops and capers and twirls
    and other similar moves or verbs.
    Like the best natural driving wheel ...
  • Sides

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Free verse, Other
    every grain of sand
    is secretly
    a polyhedron
    that despises science
    like every grain of joy ...
  • The Light Given

    Burns Burns
    Poetry » Free verse, Other
    flying now erratic circles
    I'm the moth who didn't flee
    glutinous tongue of careless wind
    caught me in a single lick
    pulling inexorably into the opening ...
  • The beer is a better poet than me

    Antinormal Antinormal
    Poetry » Humour, Phylosophy, Free verse
    poetry has rhythm, it has heart
    but only when the writer does his part
    emotions flow and emotions go
    in the unconscious down below
    thought is left so far behind ...
  • bar scribbles

    Antinormal Antinormal
    Poetry » Free verse
    patterns in patterns
    emotional chatters
    none of it matters
    as the mind scatters
    instinctive desires ...

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