Jan 15, 2017, 10:58 PM

Only not to lose you 

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 Everyday I'm wondering how
to show you how much I care. 
Everyday I search for a way
how to keep you safe. 


  Because you don't see
how much means for me
the sound of your heartbeat. 
I know: and I'll miss you. 


  You live for the day
and I can't stay brave, 
because I know that might lose you someday. 


  It's burning my veins
and boiling my blood
Maybe I act like insane
and hold sometimes rude, 


  but it's all because of
don't want to lose you. No! 
I haven't anyone here
and it chills me to the bone. 


  Everyday I wonder how
to find way not to lose you. 
Maybe often acting like
a bit rude,  but still love you. 

© F. G. R. All rights reserved.

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