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Преди да започнете прочита, препоръчвам да си пуснете тази песен за фон:



going further, murder is just a word
a dirt on somebody's boots
a body on a journey to reach its roots
walking, talking, feeling the groove this one body
stepping forward stumbles on a branch
oh, the realization of this this poor buffoon
things didn't go as planned   
first it was bleeding for nature
but then immediately disregarded culture
// modern folklore with screens at least four
'why do I even lore for,, to go to these lengths, eventually see some pests.. for glory? for story? all those things bore me' 
and so this body went back home,
where it felt free,
watching the nature through a phone
hidden inside a dome
a sight of various pictures directly delivered to your tomb
no chance to fall, to feel this cone of shame again
.. so keep bleeding for your nature, while outside, out of your sight  are building the future for you,
dropping the bombs just for your fancy new kitchen
you must be a rich man?
remote controls still confuse you, obtuse brain I think we're losing you
but then.. we never felt a gain from you
It was only I'm-packed and bed on end.
No content, just a masked hero
with a heavy task
charge phone first or quench a thirst      

ask, if you must,
but the rust on your door,
years of dust to the floor,
is self-evident, albeit raw

The life of a detached from life straw,
that withdrew from living it early on.
The reason? This day it stumbled it got ashamed so very much it disassociated completely from itself, locking this deep shame entirely, not realizing this memory was preparing to do the same on it..

.. and so once again plans and tides have turned.

life feeds on life
this is necessary 

heavy smell of sulfur coming behind me
 black shades fall - 
a sculpture is revealed.
On its face it has a written torture,
Looking down the body is full of ruptures,
most covered in mold and almost life-like, rotting.
and if you dare watching it for more than a few seconds you start feeling a hunger coming from it,
endless, infinite hunger
the unquenched thirst for life
and then it hits me,
this is a soul portrait of this body from earlier

the guilt and anger you must've felt before the final breath,..
It left the soul tethered to this earth.
guilt for all unlived moments,
the wilted flowers in the corner,
that you so forgot, excited of your new plasma screen
and covered them completely,
'deleting' them from the view.
the anger for being frightened to share your feelings with the world
as light goes away, filling the room with dark mist
you felt the urge, this bottle inside you shaking, starting to crack, the need to purge..
the extreme want to catch up for everything past
felt it just before the clasp of death embraced you..
.. racing for your wealth, filling the void with screens and empty shelves.

Clock hits twelve,
unlocking the cell,
releasing your soul to dwell.

Well, you remember the hunger from earlier.
As it was released the ghost immediately started possessing other people.
Not just other people, but only those emitting similar emotional frequency our body buddy had while (a)live.

Once possessed, it made them walk.
Walk, until bone is broken or worse,
newborn ghost just couldn't get enough of everything.
Those very few who survived the possession,
remained forever grateful for this encounter.
Because "The great enemy of any attempt to change men's habits is inertia. Civilization is limited by inertia."

With their inertia forcefully changed they were simply left with no option, but actually see the world outside and start living this F, beautiful, sexy life! 

I had run away, chasing the tail of dogma.
moving it with a sound,
within a gesture.

Be brave enough to fail, push through, build your trail.

frost shivers the grass
on the doormat, a snail leaves
a gift of silver 

when you find yourself quiver
right yourself within your inner den
light thy gem, reconnect,
laugh with your inner child again.

Call by voice your true emotions,
when you need to.
Ground yourself, get a notion.
Fight for your inner helm, get social.
Surround thyself with devotion.
Do you hear already, ocean's in your ear?

I'm naked and fearless and my fear is naked.



© Лош Късмет All rights reserved.

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