Apr 10, 2016, 10:45 PM


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Sincerely honest,

we told each other words of



an everything that was lying

disappeared... as it was fading

The ashes burnt the ground

I became



the different feelings

Coming from between.

And nothing more

than pure pain

Hit me,

as if I were rain

and you had created me.


the one I held sincerely mine,

The one I thought I'd left behind.

You, the only triger of my mind

When you write...

For then...

Then I feel like the my earth is shaking

maybe yours was, too.

I don't know about this feeling,

But I still feel you.

I dream of you,

I think of you,

but calmness

damnness turns into!

I don't want to feel like this,

so stupid, so careless.

Please, forgive my fears

and give me one last kiss.

K is for the killer class of mind.

I is for the eyes I stared into.

S is for being sinister in view,

Sincerely yours, to a sincere you!

© Кейтлин А. All rights reserved.

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