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Всеки има своя път,
вечно търсещ малкото къс –
че искра; търсейки тези места,
където светът се върти в тишина...
A Crowd of Feelings
My fears
Wonderful worlds tarry.
Thy eyes
Forget and me trap inside. ...
Желая да те разбера,
но ти остана там,
където свободата твоя е;
(където своя дом откри)
Но тишината моя е...! ...
Loud and clear We Said
That all sentences reset
the Mind's ability to rest,
but we changed the set...
Now we're independent ...
Защо не се сетих,
че всеки има нужда
от малко отдих,
малко почивка...,
за да се роди ...
Through the darkest roads at night
As light feels trapped within the thoughts...
I realized... Love rearranged my light...
It had come from me, from the inside...
I know I have found my peace, ...
Ill close my eyes
You’ll say it again
That thank you note,
That careful chord -
Sonorant voice, ...
Мисля само за теб,
обсебвам се...
В семейна примка съм,
лутам се в моя сън,
лутам се ...
I've been told
I am a lot
of things -
once a piece of gold,
another - empty pot. ...
Sincerely honest,
we told each other words of
an everything that was lying ...
I left him there
Where blood runs deep
In the lion's lair,
where nothing's steep
But set in phrases, ...
Finalize this rhyme
and let me live, breathe and smile!
I don't want to write
no more,
although ...
System of doubt
can ruin your life
Not only for me
But the pain inside...
Screaming for someone ...
Killing Time Equals provoking
Somebody's Trust,
somebody's First glance
of acceptance by signing...
A sign of our thoughts ...
Думите нашепват любовта,
но тя е лесно наранима...
От думи, които свързвам със неща.
които сякаш правят ме забележима!
Думите нашепват доброта, ...
One line to start a painting -
a part of a frame, the person creating...
What we've heard
and what we've listened...
Second line to draw a lining - ...
Did I forget the beauty
of dreaming for love?
No, I never, ever did,
I just found out
that love is dern ...
Have you ever
Tried to find
The reason
Why we love?
Is it… ...
Masks of yesterday
make me feel empty...
I've no words to say
How much pain I've felt!
To think you know ...
One, twenty one nights in Heaven –
They show you the light barren.
One, twenty one days in Heaven –
They show you the darkness – a Black Silence!
A small touch is enough to kill, ...
Life is a mystery
that we create:
love, frienship... hate
for another story.
Still Unread, ...
Защо винаги пиша така?
Защо искам да се обясна?
Не е ли все едно какво мислиш за мен?
Не е ли все едно какво правя всеки ден?
И когато дойде тъмнина ...
There is a firefly
right above me
Clipping its wings,
wings like butterfly,
shining the way, ...
Мисля за теб...,
когато заспивам;
мисля за теб,
когато аз дишам!
Дишайки, ...
Залезът на твоето слънце
е различен от моят, дори...
пак да огрее твоето лице
пак ще покаже пътя ти...
през тъмнината..., ...
Some day I will understand
how you treated me...
Was it wrong? Was it right?
Was it really thee?
I can't hold on to empty words, ...
I sleep under
the sleepless trees
And down I fall
under my dreams
All of them ...
Maybe we are too persistent
in finding our way
Maybe we are too prestigious
to speak of what we say...
Maybe life is too atrocious ...
Everything begins with an "s",
a story, a secret, a start
Try to be someone else
And you'll forget you're afar
Everything begins with an "s": ...
If I could, I would be your friend
I would be happy to die in your hands
Because you carry that piece of life that I got stolen
And now the empty pieces of my heart don't seem broken
Anymore... ...
Among the tired souls of mourn
I walk along the darkest road...
Sleepless nights control my thought.
Now I wish that I were strong...
I admire you from all my soul ...
Nerves are like walls
They keep me alive
Without them everything falls
And loses its life...
Without love I cannot breathe ...
Try to look me in the eye
and then teach me how to smile
Nothing holds me down, but your identity,
what you'd left behind the walls
falling apart... ...
Thoughts. Overheated moments.
Words too plain, words too honest...
How can I ever be the same?
You stole my heart... and I can breathe again!
I used to think... that life can be deceiving. ...
You are my forever lasting hope,
you are the door I want to keep open
Until I'm gone, there will be a reason...
And if I believe in it - there Will be hope!
Dreaming silently, watching the stars
I scheme around them…
My right hand is reaching the sky…
I don’t know why, but I feel… something
...Will happen!... ...
... Take the words that I will say
And keep them safe inside...
... Take my words and let me stay...
In the emptiness that I have made!
... ...
"Пускам те да си отидеш
Бъди щастлив, обичам те!
Давам ти това, което казваш, че обичаш...
свободата твоя е!"
... ...
When something makes me feel bad
I dare to escape
Nothing holds me back,
I can always wait…
And wait… and wait ...
Много пъти съм се влюбвала,
но тази огнена любов не ще е моят път!
Мисълта за нея е утихнала...
хиляди пъти е била убивана...
но сега е за последен път! ...
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