Nov 9, 2022, 1:08 PM

Summer love 

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Everybody is writing about true love.

About all the happiness and the suffering that brings you.

But nobody is writing about summer love

the purest of them all and the most beautiful love.

Don't get me wrong, nothing can compare with the true love,

but in the summer love there is no suffer, no jealousy

and no fighting only because there is no time for that.

Beacuse you know that sooner or later it will be over

and you are just hopping just for one more moment,

10 more minutes with your summer love.

Or just for one more glimpse of her eyes

that makes you to want stop the time.

That glimpse that makes the sun rise for you .

The glimpse that makes you stare at the door hopping to see her again.

The summer love will always be the unrequited love.

The love that wants you to turn back time 

only beacause there will be so many unspoken words

that you want to tell to your summer lover.

Or so many unshared moments.

Or just because you want to embarrassed yourself one more time in front of her.

Yes, for some people it could last for couple of months

for some only two weeks

but that's what make summer love one of a kind.

Unfortunatelly there is pain at the end of the summer,

but know that my summer love

that all those little moments

all those tiny little things that make me wanted 

to smile every time that I saw you,

they will always have that space in my heart

only for you.

And every time when I feel lonely,

I will bring them up just to make my day,

so I could smile one more time.


© Amicus Vita All rights reserved.

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