Feb 24, 2023, 6:47 PM

The Crocodile And The Ape 

  Poetry » Humour
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A crocodile addressed once to an ape,
Hiding in his mind a bad intention.
He wanted all her self-esteem to jape
And everyone to laugh at her pretentions.

"Are you married?"- he asked with cunning face,
Expecting both her possible responds
If she confirmed, he"d ask what psycho case
Got with such an ape in marriage bond.

If she denied, his answer he would change
And he would say there"s nothing more to do:
"Who on the Earth could such a deal arrange,
That someone marries such an ape like you?"

The ape replied with despair in her voice
"I"m searching for a partner quite a while,
Unfortunately I don"t have much choice,
Because around are only crocodiles.

© Таня Гулериа All rights reserved.

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