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Be bold, Hunter! Merciless fate -
in spite of my high rank of late,
drugs, Colt and device
enable D. Weiss
new problems to us to create.
Boy, nobody else is so smart
in making gaffes - this is an art!
Does "God save the Queen"
explain what I mean?
Neurons fail, I always restart.
By letting all migrants inside
I thought by the rules to abide.
DeSantis and Greg
elude, so I beg
New York to accept them with pride.
Beyond twenty-four I would stay,
it's my secret dream, if I may.
Don't claim I like most
elections by post,
no matter what Donald will say.
A crocodile addressed once to an ape,
Hiding in his mind a bad intention.
He wanted all her self-esteem to jape
And everyone to laugh at her pretentions.
"Are you married?"- he asked with cunning face, ...
Културният министър,
стана… полицай!
Сам тръгна да притиска
Труд и ГЕРБ, докрай.
Без никаква култура, ...
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December in Westminster.
Old lady fed some cat,
she was catholic sister,
and me — a sinful brat.
Requested to assist her, ...
Of all the days of the working week
Today I want to find out which is best
to find out the most loved (so to speak).
let's put them all through try and test
On Monday you hate the entire world ...
She loved to write and create,
He loved only what"s on the plate.
She was always inspired by beauty
He kept torturing her with her duties.
She was intelligent and smart ...
Camera can't make you a pro,
It is seeing the picture that does.
If you start in this slowly to grow
A lot of time shooting shall pass.
If you count on a single machine, ...
To get a university degree is hard enough
No doubt it could be often hellish-tough.
While most after the first would close the door
I am an idiot who took not one or two but… four.
To make matters worse to comprehend, ...
Once a princess was lost in a fog.
She cried for help but all in vain.
Nobody helped her but a frog,
That lead her to the palace lane.
Her gratitude turned into love, ...
What the hell!
We became friends
on Facebook.. ...
In the garden stuffed with straw
Was erected scarecrow.
It was gloomy, dull and sad,
It was feeling very bad.
It possessed no charm and glamour ...
poetry has rhythm, it has heart
but only when the writer does his part
emotions flow and emotions go
in the unconscious down below
thought is left so far behind ...
You're on the first place of my list.
It's impossible me to resist.
In this world that has turned into farm,
You possess the allmightiest charm.
There's nothing I can really do, ...
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