Jun 2, 2024, 8:51 AM

Wolf on the Prowl 

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Heart pounds, primal call

Senses awaken to conquer all

Thick fur, claws sharp as steel

A predator's silhouette, his presence you can feel



They can't hold it back anymore -

The beast inside, the wolf on the prowl

Fiercer than ever before

You'd better run

Wolf on the prowl (x6)



Eyes gleaming, stalking the prey
The time has come for them all to pay

Stealthy steps, then vigorous attack

Movin' like a shadow, there's no turning back





Hunger fuels the fire within

The moonlight's touch burns my skin

Time to unleash what's built up inside

Forget your grace, forget your pride




© Mr. Dazzletone All rights reserved.

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