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Welcome to the rise of rock 'n' roll
Just take your time and prepare your soul
For a thousand-volt arc of a pure rock
It's gonna hit you like electric shock ...
Please just let me be myself
And so what if I wanna be a shooting star
With half a page worth of scribbled lines?
I'm only flesh and blood
Forgive me, the temptation's out of control ...
When I look in the mirror
There is something that I see
The eyes of a demon
Staring back at me
There was a story in the distance ...
Not your trophy 🏆❌
Nobody shoots birds in cages
The high-flying ones with widely spread
wings are always the favorite target 🎯 ...
A fleeting memory of a long-lost love
lingers at the tip of my tongue.
I shudder to think and to relive
that which I’d lost for so terribly long.
All love is now lost to me forever, ...
Dig a hole inside me!
Dig it, dig it,
deeper, darker,
keep it, keep it,
don't forget, ...
Extraterrestrial revenge 👽⚔️
I came from the outer space
To cure your plague , to clean your mess
I saw your bright filth from cosmos
Earth screamed to me "Help me ...
Execution, death, vicious desire
Curved and insane, evident pain
Hope of salvation, impending torment
Uncertain reflection, unclear direction
Take me there - to the craving vacuum ...
Hold in my cold hands
The stone of venerable filth
I want to beleive in madness
Roaming between fire and sadness
When I hear the whisper, begins the ceremony of the killer ...
All I know is to hurt myself and hate the others
Abuse me and I'll think I deserve it
Give me love and I'll think I don't deserve it
There isn't a right way to treat a wrong mind ...
My soul is just like the universe
Dark matter fills empty space
My own inhabitants are destroying me
I need wiser aliens to come help me ...
Here again i am alive, up north.
Where ancient warriors were born,
where water's clenched in icy fist,
where bloodred oath is echoing through mist. ...
Burned Life
I see a burned life with faded lights.
World without a sun, without a lighting
moon. Song with no words to say, with
no melody to play. Road without a way, ...
Living to the fullest expression of Being,
Entwined with Death in meaning,
Glimpsing the phenomena of potential,
Surfing on a spiral inferential
With wings not yet manifest, ...
I can feel all the sorrow
all the bitterness that hides in you
I can see the falling tears
But I won't walk away! I'll pretend to stay
Only to see them dead! ...
I stand in front of one-sided glass,
Staring in the darkness.
You are on the other side-
so far, so far from here.
Your picture is all I now see- ...
Like every autumn
Fading is awesome.
One final journey
starts up when the summer is gone.
Down Life draws a vivid impression - ...
A bag of pretty words,
a bag of bad predictions,
a bag to help the poor
instead of benediction -
My hands shake when I reach in, ...
Survival forgives any crime
Empire of sin and despair
is crushing a million hearts.
Few chosen are feasting out there ...
He left the valley into glory
along the road of no return.
But in my soul I keep on worry
and wait until my years burn. ...
Broken chains and echoing screams,
endless pieces of scattered dreams
haunt the mind of the observer,
who must now become a preserver.
As paradise is smothered in ash, ...
What the hell!
We became friends
on Facebook.. ...
You make me lose my mind
With your sweet voice
For the others I'm blind
You were my choice
I wanna hold you tight ...
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