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The Pieces Don't Fit Here Anymore 

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   There they stood. Both of them were frozen and just didn’t know what to say or what to do. Either thought they’d do something wrong so they just stared at the floor. She dared to look into his eyes. They were filled with pain and that broke her even more inside. She just wanted to go to him and hold him. But she knew that wouldn’t help in any way. It was all over now. There was nothing either one of them could do to salvage what they had once. Her hazel eyes were nothing but tears at that very moment. She was doing her best not to let those tears fall because she knew if he saw that, he couldn’t help but go and wipe them off. She didn’t want that. She didn’t want to make it any more painful.

   That picturesque mind of hers was recalling all of their past moments, good and bad. There it was  - the first date. Even then she knew she’d fall in love with him. Not knowing why but there was just something about his smile – so soothing. On that very first night as they were gazing at each other’s eyes in a beautiful park, he got a grip of her hand with one of his and with the other he touched her beautifully pale face and slowly intertwined his lips with hers. She had never felt anything that special and magical. It was like everything around them stopped for a moment, leaving them alone in those perfect seconds of happiness.

   His eyes were wandering around the room, completely unaware of what was happening in her mind. All he could think about was finding a way to change everything that had gone down. He didn’t really think there was anything to be done anymore but didn’t want to lose hope so easily. Wondering if he should open his mouth and at least make a sound, he sat on the floor with his leg pressed against his chin. With pain bursting in his heart, memories started to come back minute by minute.

   That monstrous day began. He got out of his bed in a bad mood for now reason. The weather agreed. It was pouring. They were supposed to meet up for breakfast but something kept him in the house. It was like there was something telling him not to go anywhere that day. But he didn’t listen. He got ready, eager to see his favorite innocent hazel eyes. On the way the bad feeling was growing more and more. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop him from driving in the same direction.

   When she saw him arrive, everything in her became happy instantaneously. He gave her a light kiss on the lips to show her he had missed her over the night. She ordered pancakes with strawberry syrup and he got waffles with raspberries and whipped cream. They shared each other’s food as they always did. At first there was nothing wrong. The smiles didn’t come down from their faces and they felt pure happiness. Not realizing what was happening, their voices were getting angrier and their words were not as soft as they had been a few moments ago. Soon her eyes were filled with little drops of tears so she got up, got into her car and drove away.

   The pain was so immense now that they couldn’t feel their bodies at all. His forehead was touching his knee, trying to hide his tears from her. She had turned her back to him, trying not to hurt herself physically because the mental pain from looking at him was killing her. Thirty more minutes passed without even a word being said. Then he, swallowing his pride, got up, went to her and kissed her lips as hard as he could have at that moment. She felt her tears becoming more and more. As she was kissing him back, he tried to hug her so tightly.

   In a few seconds he let her go, looked into her eyes and told her he loved her. They both knew that didn’t change anything in their situation. All they wanted was that – having one perfect last kiss. She told him she loved him and would always have a place for him in her heart. They looked deeply into each other’s eyes for about ten seconds and then smiled sadly. He loved looking into her hazel eyes and wanted to remember them as they were in that moment because that was one of the moments when they were most sincere. He held her for the last time and they went their separate ways. She never forgot the sound of his voice when he said that last “I love you”, though. 

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