Aug 22, 2013, 10:47 PM

A gentle wind(ow) 

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  • Now this is something else. Keep on the good work.
  • How amazingly written..
  • Wow! You mean you actually WROTE this!? I remember you shared it with me some time ago, but I thought it was by someone else... by a classical author, I thought. Back then you asked me to suggest a Bulgarian translation of it, but you said nothing about who wrote it... You, modest girl... Well, I'm in awe. I will remember this wind(ow) forever. You know what? You are a great poet! A great poet! Rozita...
  • Благодаря, Ели
    Заигравка някаква...
  • Стихотворението ми напомни на "Paris nights" на Джордж Бейкър. Хареса ми тънката ирония!
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