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A hollow angel 

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A hollow angel

An empty world filled with ashes,

the sky turns gray as time passes.

Bones are scattered, but the blood is

nowhere to be found, 

The wind alone recalls the hearts

that used to pound.


On the lonely face of the world 

A piece of nature has been burned.

There stood a lady in a gown

I could see she wore a silver crown.


She was roaming freely as a bird,

her mouth was shut, I couldn't hear a word.

Possessed a grin, stiff and divine,

her eyes were green, as green as a thyme.


Was she an angel come to earth 

to bless the children given birth

or maybe she was mother nature 

and we are all in danger.


Suddenly, as if an arrow pierced her heart,

it made a hole so deep and left a scart.

Drips of cold blood stained her dress,

I found myself in tense distress.


A howling in agony so hard
resonated in the woods, across the land.
Her voice - so strong but yet so weak
made the sky begin to weep.


Started running as if she were a sinner
ran and ran, reached a river.
With tears filling her eyes 
bloody and torturing cries...
                    her blood muddied the water.

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