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  • Vexorious

    Nevium (Нина Чалъкова) Nevium
    Poetry » Landscape, Other
    Give me the ropes made of hundred wings of a butterflies and doves,
    blind me with a silk thunder
    Bind them on my wrists, a living cage,
    leave me where we first met, right next to the waterfall of Vexorious
    under pale moon light ...
  • The man with the harp...

    Nevium (Нина Чалъкова) Nevium
    Poetry » Landscape, Other
    Cover my body with a sheets made of silk
    Imagine me walking amongst the daffodils
    Under a silver moon light
    Lie there and watch
    Hear the wolf's howling ...
  • A dog in the rain

    robertratman (R) robertratman
    Poetry » Landscape
    It's raining, raining hard
    A scruffy, lost dog's walking in the dark
    My jeans, jacket, sneakers are all soaked
    but it is fine - the darkness, the rain
    the slow traffic and the cold. ...
  • ...

    Draxler (Elizabeth Draxler) Draxler
    Poetry » Love, Landscape, Odys and poems, Other
    The thought of you - a quiet bane
    for my heaven, my unfeeling dusk.
    The great ocean buries tears again -
    bleeding shadow of a painful lust.
    An ocean deeper then the eyes ...
  • The Poetic Passions I

    Antinormal Antinormal
    Poetry » Love, Landscape, Phylosophy, Odys and poems
    The flame of old is kindled with a burning passion.
    The hopes and dreams return in a blinding fashion.
    The watcher sees through the flaming fields of smoke,
    beyond the veil of the heart which in countless pieces broke.
    Words fall short and stiff like a coward on the edge of a cliff ...
  • A smile brighter than the sun

    Antinormal Antinormal
    Poetry » Landscape, Phylosophy
    Today's the day you seek, not tomorrow.
    There is no future time for you to borrow.
    Smile right now through pain and grief
    even with empty hands, but a firm belief –
    not a blind fool with eyes and ears shut, ...
  • The grasp of Man

    Antinormal Antinormal
    Poetry » Landscape, Phylosophy
    The glistening leaves in the spring sun –
    their miraculous life has just begun.
    The songs of birds liven the sky so vast.
    How long shall this harmony last?
    People madly rushing in all directions, ...
  • War is hell

    Antinormal Antinormal
    Poetry » Landscape, Phylosophy, Civilian, Odys and poems
    The sky turned black with arrows,
    bombs fell like meteor showers.
    The evil will rise from the shadows
    with the dying breath of the old powers.
    In times of murderous madness and chaos ...
  • The Letter From The Gothic Goddess

    AdelaideKaltenberg (Княгиня Нощ) AdelaideKaltenberg
    Poetry » Landscape, Phylosophy
    Your existence powers me up
    with joy and madness
    Didn’t have any idea how tired
    I felt when you were gone
    My soul is still bleeding ...
  • Life is like Tears

    Reddas (Кейтлин А.) Reddas
    Poetry » Landscape
    Through the mists and the myths of the day
    I can see so many tears...
    But why do they seem just like mirrors?
    I can see through them like memories...
    You can cry, ...
  • The Lake

    Reddas (Кейтлин А.) Reddas
    Poetry » Landscape
    The Lake
    Sometimes I just wish I could find the place
    Where I can lay my head to rest...
    Somewhere near the calmful sounds of rills,
    of forest and the morning haze... ...
  • Inevitable

    Reddas (Кейтлин А.) Reddas
    Poetry » Landscape
    Here I lay on the soft brown earth
    Here I stay in love with every breaker's birth
    And I completely... fall asleep, under the stars (and the trees) and breathe
    To feel the atmosphere...
    To breathe within the breath ...
  • Bones

    Reddas (Кейтлин А.) Reddas
    Poetry » Landscape
    All my hopes and dreams will shrink and wane
    Nothing shall erase the pain...
    As the rain pours out the will and hope
    No one shall escape the final rope... ...
  • Condemned

    Reddas (Кейтлин А.) Reddas
    Poetry » Landscape
    In the forest of my dreams...
    Sleeps the coolest... ray of rays.
    As I lay on a low-cut down tree
    I snap all the sounds, as I nap in the lee
    Now, after the storm has passed over ...
  • Dear Roses of Grey

    Reddas (Кейтлин А.) Reddas
    Poetry » Landscape
    Dear Roses of Grey
    Bent down by the Heavy Rain,
    How is that the colours stripped away
    and showed me the darkness from beneath display...?
    That is so not fair! ...
  • French kiss

    йеромонах (Атеист Грешников) йеромонах
    Poetry » Landscape
    by night,
    just raining
    by paint, ...
  • The Garden Screened

    Reddas (Кейтлин А.) Reddas
    Poetry » Landscape
    When the clock strikes the midnight hour
    And the flock of ravens sours the hiss
    The winter's... poor enough to falter
    The ghosts... that reminisce!
    *** ...
  • The Scene

    Reddas (Кейтлин А.) Reddas
    Poetry » Landscape
    Faded to grey
    And into the lake
    I await my death
    And wait the water’s break
    As the wind blows severely ...
  • I Kill

    Reddas (Кейтлин А.) Reddas
    Poetry » Landscape
    As the day turns into a night, it is a fight!
    It is a time, when you hide, lacked of the light – when I kill…
    It is a time, when you cannot step up - to see through…
    But No, I’ve gotta go deeper, gotta find the cure –
    In search for adventure, searching for you! ...
  • At Nightfall

    Reddas (Кейтлин А.) Reddas
    Poetry » Landscape
    As the candle slowly burns
    And the day turns… into a night
    Clouds gather ‘round in the rain
    As the cries wipe out the light!
    … ...
  • Into the Storm

    Reddas (Кейтлин А.) Reddas
    Poetry » Landscape
    Cool shimmering light lingers around.
    Leaves of the autumn break the sound.
    (And) Only the whispers can be heard,
    Untangled from the common word...
    As I see the gathering clouds, ...

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