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it has always been
everyone knew
the answers
to all the questions,
but no one could know, ...
Love is like a battle trial:
A wind that's playing with the skirts.
Sometimes it meets denial
And it often hurts.
Love is like bipolar maniac: ...
No words that box us in
No emotion that brings us down
Just pure hearts and a grin
– it's the way of the empty hand
* ...
I am trying to say something positive.
I am desperate to say something positive.
I’ve been struggling to say something positive.
But I’d better keep quiet instead.
The political systems still failing ...
Darkness has scattered all across the room
and I can no longer feel daylight from the window.
The coldness is embracing me quietly,
my face is turning pale again,
as if I have just woken up from the dead. ...
My heart's a ruptured dream – its pulse – a scarce event.
My skin grows feathers out of pain, I'm ready to ascend.
This void cannot be filled, these hungers can't be fed.
Immortal hopes preserve the breath that's hanging by a thread.
My clock plays quiet tunes – too shy to say 'Goodbye'. ...
Hearts shaved, blood drained.
Where was I when you called my name?
They were hiding their true faces - ashamed.
I was in the background, staying all the same. ...
Hatred is too difficult to swallow
That's why we spit it out all the time.
For people with a mind which is too hollow
Hatred leads them to the path of crime.
Sometimes it is politically propagated ...
I feel lost.
It's like I'm
an endless maze. ...
hey, remember me?
it's been a while.
i just couldn't forget that gorgeous smile
i know this might sound a bit wild,
but you remind me of when i was a child ...
Even the smell
of thousand
foreign flowers
will not
bring back to life ...
I use myself and others in moralistic ways,
for all my sisters and brothers live their better days,
finding out what they are truly meant to be,
insatiable to the point of insanity.
Missing out on the seemingly insignificant, ...
An endless night, the light - unborn
That deepest dark at brink of dawn
The wind is fresh, the feeling - heavy
A heart that beats, a soul that's weary.
One lonely cry on someone's shoulder ...
A fleeting memory of a long-lost love
lingers at the tip of my tongue.
I shudder to think and to relive
that which I’d lost for so terribly long.
All love is now lost to me forever, ...
If death is final, then why does it linger?
Why do loved ones wallow in its distress?
On such questions I wish to put a finger
and unravel the mystery of postmortem stress.
Existence supposedly ends with death, ...
I tune in to the insanity
of the world around me.
A true beacon of profanity
where nothing’s meant to be.
Illusive thoughts rage all around, ...
I switch from face to face,
unwilling to be put in place,
stretching over distant thoughts
of what I’ve found and forever lost.
People look at me and see ...
Unsolvable equation
Existing leaves red scars on my chest
Life is a pointless game that
most of us choose to play...
But I'd rather bite my tongue and bleed than beg ...
December in Westminster.
Old lady fed some cat,
she was catholic sister,
and me — a sinful brat.
Requested to assist her, ...
Nothing will be left behind you
Nothing ever was
Nothing is your origin and
Nothing's your demise
All of life dissolves to nothing ...
Ruins long ago left behind
When first I saw them,
they reminded me of the forgotten past.
Deep in myself I knew it wouldn't last
because time forgives no one. ...
Drab dreary desecration of deformed delusions dawns destructively down drawn devilishly deeper into desolate deformity devoid of dreams.
Deigned divine dominance dooms downtrodden domains of destitute debauchery driven daily downward.
Done deals define duplicitous dukes and demons drenched in damnat ...
Long ago was born a child,
It was gifted with such beauty,
That in the world so cruel and wild
To defend it was a duty.
Its name was Faith and it was naked, ...
Ти помниш ли
Онази слънчева усмивка,
В летен ден ...? ...
The dance
is my command
of language soft and smooth
that's used through every time and place
where love exists in our abandoned world. ...
beautiful and welcoming.
Nice, clean, ...
Не се събуждай, сине, почини си,
обичам да те гледам, като спиш.
Навън е късна есен. И замислен
ветрецът влачи листи, мълчалив.
Така и ние вкъщи онемяхме. ...
Lullaby and whisper are mingling through the sky
Carelessly are shifting the muffled poets’ cry.
How small are we! – exclaimed the little child
And pointed to the chimney. Everything’s mild.
An echo passing through the cave ...
Hatred is too difficult to swallow,
That's why we spit it out all the time.
For people with a mind, which is too hollow,
Hatred leads them to the path of crime.
Sometimes it is politically propagated, ...
Sometimes misfortune comes to us
As heavy rain without shelter.
Evaporates all faith and trust
As steel is liquified in melter.
And we are praying for some mercy, ...
Wake up and look back to the old attic days, full with memories but not talking about anything present.
Get out of bed. Drink coffee like my dark days. Going over and over again in this unreal world, calling themselves 'Warcraft', which looks as a little relief from the dull monotory of daily life.
You have gone million light-years away
Time waved last farewell with the aeons
The white nightingale sung his song before its
tender voice to be gone forever
The seven moons' light shall be gone ...
I shall never be the incurable wound
I shall be the silver sword by whom
You shall meet your doom.
I shall never be the victim,
miserable, screaming for help victim, ...
Living to the fullest expression of Being,
Entwined with Death in meaning,
Glimpsing the phenomena of potential,
Surfing on a spiral inferential
With wings not yet manifest, ...
We write our own book everyday,
but we don't take time to read it.
Action –
Moving, doing, changing,
the world constantly rearranging.
Without it there is naught
and nothing to be fought. ...
There where the winter's sun
meets the dark horizon
is our omnipotent panacea.
Staring in the dark shadows
of centuries-old trees, ...
Is there any value in my life
You asked me with some pain in your voice
- A lot of creatures have to strive
But staying on the Earth is your choice.
- Will I find the meaning in existence, ...
We live in interesting times ...
Sitting on the back seat.
The world is full with awful crimes...
And everybody tries to cheat.
The Press is pouring us with news ...
The branches of the trees
that grow up in the dark
will never reach the light,
will never reach the light,
but climbing them will bring ...
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