Nov 28, 2021, 7:00 PM

A man from another space and time 

  Poetry » Love
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Angel or devil?

Rather in between

A man of passion

Following his dream


A soul on fire

A heart made for love

Like a sinner’s desire

Between hell and heaven above


Heated nights and lonely days

Broken hearts on parted ways

But still believing, still holding on

Always giving and burning strong


In a world full of lies

His heart remains true

There’s a mystery in his eyes

In his soul – deep shades of blue


This is how I remember you

From another space and time

When my soul captured yours

And your soul captured mine


A magic of thousand years

A love spell cast on my heart

I follow you without any fear

Life after life, we’ll never be apart


I know it was meant to be

This journey to you and to me

This journey to us

With you, this journey is love


And every step of the way

We’ve already walked so many times

But each time is like the dawn of a new day

As we follow the lines of our hearts

© Mirabella All rights reserved.

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  • Благодаря ти, Миг! Много красиво си го написал! Пожелавам ти винаги да имаш в живота си тази любов!
  • "Любовта не признава, прегради и стени,
    та Тя е енергиен лъч на същността ни,
    в нежен вихър от приливни вълни
    Душите слива - гради ..Безкрайността ни!"
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