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In the empire of pixels, a digital duet,
Wizard and Lady fair, a love set.
Quotes of songs in code they exchange,
In the language of lyrics, emotions arrange.
"Roses and wine," she whispers in the night, ...
Търсих те...
Мечтах те
Чаках те
Съхувах те
Желах те... ...
The home is where my heart belongs.
Within her eyes it lays
and makes me long to stay,
to feel the warmth
that only sharing soul can bring. ...
ruins them again...
my blissful dreams.
Moonlight... ...
Millions of stars in the night sky yet you shine like the brightest.
Or at least I thought so.
Through the past months you convinced me that you had a good heart.
But after all of what you've done I finally realised how evil you are.
You took everything you could from me with no hesitation. ...
Let’s start over.
We can make it work this time.
I’ll forgive you for everything you did to me.
Come back my sweet lover
Don’t run away ...
I've been driving around lately
trying to find a destination far away from you
But all the roads lead back to you.
There's no escaping.
We've been to too many places together. ...
Hearts shaved, blood drained.
Where was I when you called my name?
They were hiding their true faces - ashamed.
I was in the background, staying all the same. ...
New day...
Thinking of the way
you taste...
Every minute is a waste,
if I don't spend with you. ...
Nature is beautiful
and so are you.
I wish we could watch the sunset together,
then spill our clothes on the floor and make love in my car.
I've been driving around lately ...
I did not imagine spring like that
And I'm not ready for summer yet.
The season everyone loves
But my heart's still sleeping in winter ...
The world is now different.
You are gone, I'm alone with my self-destructive thoughts again.
Even the weather's different.
The sun stopped shining.
You- the child of the Sun- are now gone, D. ...
I pray every night for you to love me
so I can be happy again.
I’m in love with you but you don’t want me.
I’m as blue as my dreams…
I see myself dancing with you, laughing with you, crying with you but most importantly I see myself loving you, lying down next to you. ...
My hands are soft
my eyes are dry
no tears left to cry
to ask me why-
the reason's blind. ...
5 years of love
but it wasn't real love
turns out I was the one faking it.
If you ask me to describe this so-called love with one word, I'd use the word "hell",
but you never ask. ...
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You make me smile,
you make me wonder,
you make me feel alive,
you make me enjoy my life,
you make me all the things I need...
I dreamt about a dream
I wish for it to be real
But the life is never fair
It put me on a broken chair...
I dreamt about a dream ...
I close my eyes
And dream of you.
And how the days
Were passing through.
I close my eyes ...
Love is a source
Teenage kisses in the night
Wealth not for one, but for two
Free opium with a price
In this world let's love to rule ...
I feel lost.
It's like I'm
an endless maze. ...
I know you are, you know it too,
you are a warm and magnanimous,
you feel like a nice summer day,
which I don't want to end,
Every time I hear you smile, you make me full of joy, ...
In the silence of the night, her smile dazzled through the stars.
Her gaze always aimed far beyond the moon.
Her heart was boundless, spirited, and daring.
She promised I'd be free! ...
He whispers in Dutch on my radar for trouble.
I'm drowning in hopes made of pink fragile bubbles.
His voice – a reminder of all that I need.
A flowery fire awaits to be freed.
I knew you were leaving before I was told. ...
Angel or devil?
Rather in between
A man of passion
Following his dream
A soul on fire ...
You’ve brighten my world,
you’ve brighten my soul,
you’ve warmed my heart,
you are brightening my day,
you’ve brighten my spirit, ...
hey, remember me?
it's been a while.
i just couldn't forget that gorgeous smile
i know this might sound a bit wild,
but you remind me of when i was a child ...
Honey, I'm а simple man
I don't have a lot of money
but U can still be "my buney" - a crown
that U'll bring with a proud,
but if U chasing man with a ca$h ...
I so much love to put my hand
Gently through your long dark hair -
This used to be my stand,
This even used to be my cause to dare.
Is something so familiar and dear ...
In her heart - harmony.
In my heart - rhapsody...
We - rock-and-roll in the night!
I can’t handle the thoughts of you at night,
running in my head from side to side , leaving me speechless with so much to say even tho both of us knew this house of glass was never meant to last
I can’t handle knowing I wasn’t enough and you know I blame myself for you leaving me without a second th ...
I don't know you
but I know too well,
Your habit of not locking the door, and walking shoeless on the cold floor
Your worn pijama with small spots on it
Your messy hair which can almost always be seen in the air ...
You're the boy who makes me feel.
You're the truth that I must steal.
You're the dream that is so real.
You're my baby, dangerous still.
You're all these things and more... ...
December in Westminster.
Old lady fed some cat,
she was catholic sister,
and me — a sinful brat.
Requested to assist her, ...
I feel like falling for you.
But i don't want to.
Because all i do is hurt.
Hurt you, and hurt me.
I hurt people. ...
I was on my window today,
holding my binoculars,
watching the birds outside.
I love to watch the birds,
but this day I saw something. ...
An armor kept me safe and sound,
I kept a sharp sword ready.
I looked for fights far and around,
my hands were always steady
I fought to win, I fought to learn, ...
I was there when she wasn't
I cared when she didn't
I agreed when she refused
I stayed when she left
And even then you choose her ...
I asked her,
“Why they send you here?
What do you think is wrong with you?”
and she looked at me with a calm, innocent smile.
“ There is nothing wrong with me. ...
I'm so broken.
You broke me.
You left another to put the pieces together.
But i go from boy to boy,
Waiting for you. ...
Lets play a game.
I'll be the bad one and you'll be the good.
You'll run and I'll chase you.
Is that feeding your ego?
Tell all our friends that I messed up ...
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