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  • Blackout

    smallevil (Борислав Ичев) smallevil
    Poetry » Love, Other
    Years, I ran my scanners
    across the flat horizon
    seeking a single error
    a miraculous inconsistency
    in the facade of the world. ...
  • The dance

    JujuBuju (Меги Миткова) JujuBuju
    Poetry » Love, Phylosophy
    The dance
    is my command
    of language soft and smooth
    that's used through every time and place
    where love exists in our abandoned world. ...
  • Shape me

    Liberum-anima (Лазар) Liberum-anima
    Poetry » Love
    One day
    You will want
    to know me better
    I just hope
    that day comes ...
  • My dream

    sunnygirl (Ели) sunnygirl
    Poetry » Love
    Meet me in my dreams.
    I am standing there and waiting...
    Will you be my summer breeze,
    And the sea in which I am bathing?
    Will you kiss me like the Sun, ...
  • Bare soul

    Raluca-alexandraIone (Raluca-alexandra Ionescu) Raluca-alexandraIone
    Poetry » Love
    With mended wings, but never broken,
    He tames thy demons in the dark of night
    And sings of thoughts long left unspoken…
    A voice of angel … menace to the weak of heart.
    And what was once so lost, forgotten ...
  • Brother And A Sister's Play

    Nevium (Нина Чалъкова) Nevium
    Poetry » Love, Other
    Blood within a blood
    Two souls dancing in a silent night
    Sigil of a nature unknown
    Search the truth beneath the white thorns.
    Blood within a blood ...
  • There is no decent title for you

    Адриана.Василева (Адриана Василева) Адриана.Василева
    Poetry » Love
  • Две ръце

    yankova41 (Йонка Янкова) yankova41
    Poetry » Love, Free verse
    Нощта претисна ме до постелята
    сърцето ми сякаш спря да бие
    пред очите ми райска градина
    препълнена с цветя красиви.
    Аз бягах към тази красота ...
  • To W.

    ЛуЛу ЛуЛу
    Poetry » Love
    I knew you were leaving before I was told.
    Your hands were around me – your kisses were cold.
    My skin is so lonesome and craves a relief.
    You're growing inside me – my infinite Grief.
    I knew you were only a dream of my heart. ...
  • Green

    Maystora (Калоян Стоянов) Maystora
    Poetry » Love
    Green is the color
    That makes nature grow,
    Green is the feeling
    That gets you to glow.
    Green are the gems ...
  • ...

    Draxler (Elizabeth Draxler) Draxler
    Poetry » Love, Landscape, Odys and poems, Other
    The thought of you - a quiet bane
    for my heaven, my unfeeling dusk.
    The great ocean buries tears again -
    bleeding shadow of a painful lust.
    An ocean deeper then the eyes ...

    valya_official (Valya Тodorova) valya_official
    Poetry » Love
    Look in my eyes,
    and move to me.
    Stretch your arms,
    and touch me. ...
  • To the one who made me smile again

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » Love
    When you found me I was sad and rotten,
    mad at everyone..
    But then I felt no more broken,
    when heard you speak to me. ...
  • Insane

    valya_official (Valya Тodorova) valya_official
    Poetry » Love
    Im going crazy when you get closе.
    You shoot like a poison dart.
    Don't gamble on me, give me your dose.
    I can't control myself and my heart.
    I don't obey my brain anymore. ...
  • I'm not alone

    mccm (Цветелина Маркова) mccm
    Poetry » Love
    Even though
    I let you go
    I'll always know
    I love you so.
    It's not my brain ...
  • The Poetic Passions I

    Antinormal Antinormal
    Poetry » Love, Landscape, Phylosophy, Odys and poems
    The flame of old is kindled with a burning passion.
    The hopes and dreams return in a blinding fashion.
    The watcher sees through the flaming fields of smoke,
    beyond the veil of the heart which in countless pieces broke.
    Words fall short and stiff like a coward on the edge of a cliff ...
  • Dream

    Каси_Лост (Cassy Lost) Каси_Лост
    Poetry » Love, Odys and poems, Free verse
    I dream about you, sometimes.
    It's nothing much.
    A random conversation
    or a simple touch.
  • - Don't <FRIEND> me, baby!

    Kalisi (D.) Kalisi
    Poetry » Love, Erotic, Humour, Authors song
    What the hell!
    We became friends
    on Facebook.. ...
  • Cloudy Dream

    Maystora (Калоян Стоянов) Maystora
    Poetry » Love
    A cloudy day that feels so sleepy,
    A dream of beauty and unending love
    The sun is gone, the sky is weeping,
    Cleaning memories from high above.
    Ocean wind, which carries sadness ...
  • Blind me with flowers

    С_С (Симона) С_С
    Poetry » Love
    Blind me with flowers and sweets
    Make me feel like I'm something special
    Red roses and fake smiles
    But I feel like I'm someone better
    Wounds won't stop healing, but I'm okay ...
  • The man of tomorrow

    Antinormal Antinormal
    Poetry » Love, Phylosophy, Other
    I am not like other men.
    I’ve no wish to pretend
    to be what women like..
    I am on a love strike!
    For love is lies and dust ...
  • Eternal obey

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » Love, Other
    Thou lips bring poison and delight.
    Thou eyes are brighter than the night.
    I can stay to hold your hand.
    Until we die, burn crimson, dear.
    Thou catch is all I needed of; ...
  • If you were the man I loved.

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » Love
    If you were the man I loved,
    Should it meant a thing;
    Would you be the one to know me
    and appear in my dreams?
    Would you be the man I love, ...
  • Legacy

    AirDreamer (Серафим Аянски) AirDreamer
    Poetry » Love
    Whenever I think of us, what becomes of my mind
    Is a mess which I cannot trust; I am suddenly blind.
    Every day I just grind, and surely I’m not the first,
    But even working, I find, time to think about her.
    When she’s here, time’s a blur, moving in a straight line. ...
  • The Queens Return

    AirDreamer (Серафим Аянски) AirDreamer
    Poetry » Love
    The Queen is coming home today,
    it's already the twelfth of May.
    I feel her passing every mile,
    frown slowly turns into a smile.
    I no longer have to wait, ...
  • The dream has a name

    Яким (Яким  Дянков) Яким
    Poetry » Love, Other
    Let the feeling shine –
    brightly and divine.
    Let your heart be mine.
    Let me be your wine.
    Only you can understand me. ...
  • Pain (She)

    TheStranger (Борислав Иванов) TheStranger
    Poetry » Love
    Would you stay with me just one more hour..
    I hope you will, I'll give you these flowers
    Please just make me happy like you used to made me
    Give me a kiss because SHE'll come and take me..
    Oh yeah, you asking me who is SHE.. ...
  • Return

    SoulBansha (F.  G. R.) SoulBansha
    Poetry » Love
    I'm looking at house with bloody windows-
    the home of my mistakes.
    Here I'm coming to put a one:
    the worst, who ever made.
    I'm looking at the lonely garden ...
  • Let me hate you

    nicotinesmurf (Цвети  Драганова) nicotinesmurf
    Poetry » Love
    I don’t have a heart
    It’s a bag of pieces
    At the age of four
    My father broke it
    When he left ...
  • Masks

    Reddas (Кейтлин А.) Reddas
    Poetry » Love
    Masks of yesterday
    make me feel empty...
    I've no words to say
    How much pain I've felt!
    To think you know ...
  • Hold on

    manuela822000 (Мануела Хатипоглу) manuela822000
    Poetry » Love
    Don't give up on me!
    Hold on! Don't let go!
    Dream! Dare! Be!
    Trust what's in your soul!
    Feel! Yearn! Embrace! ...
  • Lost in a world that doesnt exist

    teodorski1 teodorski1
    Poetry » Love
    Can I find a spot between your dreams?
    Can I sit and stay. I like as it seems...
    Can I be a sudden scream in the silenced deep
    Can I be the thought you get before you fall asleep? ...
  • Обичам те

    petrova95 (Пепи Петрова) petrova95
    Poetry » Love
    Обичам те, защото винаги си бил до мен,
    винаги когато съм имала лош ден.
    Обичам те, защото ти си топлина,
    която не спира да ме топли в нощта.
    Обичам те, защото винаги си ми помагал ...
  • Wondering

    Katelyn (Кейтлин Соева) Katelyn
    Poetry » Love
    In the dark blue corner of the night
    Beneath the sullen color of the light
    Coming from the stars so bright
    Shining from their own insight
    I am standing in the dark ...
  • Eyes

    Kaileygh (Емануел) Kaileygh
    Poetry » Love
    her eyes are just colourful but when I look into them I see colours that didn't even exist   369 
  • Burning

    Redessa (Ри Ана) Redessa
    Poetry » Love
    My first love was thee
    My first recall of freedom.
    My first suureal kiss unborn,
    My all... has found its home...
    All my life I've been in ring ...
  • Anymore, Forevermore

    Reddas (Кейтлин А.) Reddas
    Poetry » Love
    If I could, I would be your friend
    I would be happy to die in your hands
    Because you carry that piece of life that I got stolen
    And now the empty pieces of my heart don't seem broken
    Anymore... ...
  • Death Note

    Reddas (Кейтлин А.) Reddas
    Poetry » Love
    Among the tired souls of mourn
    I walk along the darkest road...
    Sleepless nights control my thought.
    Now I wish that I were strong...
    I admire you from all my soul ...
  • Но пристан има

    stoyna (Стойна Димова) stoyna
    Poetry » Love
    Н О П Р И С Т А Н И М А
    Разсъмва се. Безкрайна белота
    от снежна нощ минава в светъл ден.
    Но днес не пада онзи весел сняг.
    Не зимна приказка пред нас се стели. ...
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  • Love is madness

    blackcat30stm (V.V.) blackcat30stm
    Poetry » Love
    It drives me crazy
    How can I say that to you
    I can see though your eyes
    That you don't love me
    As I do ...

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