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Cast a fire 

For the shadows 

That were dancing

under silver moonlight,

Deep within a forest

Out of mortals' sight


Let them dream,

Let them dance,

Let them breathe

Set them free

So may their souls  

Finally be at peace


Let them be, 

Don't take away their hope

Give them one last chance

To feel the summer breeze on their skin, 

To hear the birds singing

To gaze within each others' eyes, 

laying their bodies on a meadow evergreen

With flowers of any kind 

Observing the night-sky;

To catch a firefly on their first try 

Just like the times when they were young


Erase their memories 

From the past

When they were wounded

and left alone to die

by the ones they once

loved the most and

trusted with their lives. 


Set down the fire,

For where their souls are headed

No pyre is needed


By light they came

By light shall fade

© Нина Чалъкова All rights reserved.

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