Aug 14, 2022, 5:23 PM

The Beauty of life 

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One day, time you gave to us
But neither of trust
Has build up in the crust (The Earth crust) 
Why can't I put that "must"? 


What kills us, poverty creates
No pills, no medicine And ills
In times, when sports became
A whole new, beautiful poem


But Don't feel flattered at all
Cause Only Freddie's got a ball
To the south And north pole
I love him respectfully


And Even though Laert
Is kinda different portrait
I include him here
Cause we're All in that sphere


Then the reality comes:


When the world has to say
What really matters' not the hate
So don't, don't ever allow them 
To "Not" SING your personal anthem

Not Only rhymes these are
Poetry And beauty so far
But mistakes are All part
Part Of our life
They All get Closer, Closer to My heart!


Now I finish this, dear reader

With huge fear of fever

That make All of us

Write until it gets fewer! 





© Константин Макавеев All rights reserved.

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