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She entered my office in the German town,
bringing the fragrance of sweet-scented flowers.
She carried her braid like a majestic crown:
A woman who had some incredble powers.
Her eyes were reflecting the world in her soul: ...
One day, time you gave to us
But neither of trust
Has build up in the crust (The Earth crust)
Why can't I put that "must"?
What kills us, poverty creates ...
Търсех детелина...
Детелина четирилистна...
Казват, носела късмет...
Всичко, що си пожелаеш,
ставало реалност... ...
"He killed the man" - they said.
"He pierced the man with seven arrows
That's how the fell
That's how he saw the end
The man even couldn't say farewell ...
I can’t handle the thoughts of you at night,
running in my head from side to side , leaving me speechless with so much to say even tho both of us knew this house of glass was never meant to last
I can’t handle knowing I wasn’t enough and you know I blame myself for you leaving me without a second th ...
If death is final, then why does it linger?
Why do loved ones wallow in its distress?
On such questions I wish to put a finger
and unravel the mystery of postmortem stress.
Existence supposedly ends with death, ...
Косата и беше от прежда!
Лицето и тялото - проста басма!..
Нослето, очите, веждите...
и нежните бузки дори,
туй всичко - рисувано с молив, ...
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You have gone million light-years away
Time waved last farewell with the aeons
The white nightingale sung his song before its
tender voice to be gone forever
The seven moons' light shall be gone ...
Living to the fullest expression of Being,
Entwined with Death in meaning,
Glimpsing the phenomena of potential,
Surfing on a spiral inferential
With wings not yet manifest, ...
The thought of you - a quiet bane
for my heaven, my unfeeling dusk.
The great ocean buries tears again -
bleeding shadow of a painful lust.
An ocean deeper then the eyes ...
Black rose amongst scarlet poppies,
I'm not growing, the sun is ripping me out,
lost my dreams, destroyed my trophies
in the loneliest fields of shame and fault.
Black is my heart and black is my mind, ...
Appearing as an apparition
apart from a parting decision,
there lies a momentous vision
beyond the realms of imposition.
As I lift my head towards the sky, ...
The flame of old is kindled with a burning passion.
The hopes and dreams return in a blinding fashion.
The watcher sees through the flaming fields of smoke,
beyond the veil of the heart which in countless pieces broke.
Words fall short and stiff like a coward on the edge of a cliff ...
A pernicious petrifying choir of perished souls
from the depths of Hell the lonely wanderer calls.
With words long dead and whispers of the unspoken,
truth is laid to rest and the deceivers are forever awoken.
With the cunning Luciferian tyranny of the rational mind ...
Fear not the words of beautiful liars,
of snakes and of time-consuming vampires.
Fear not the slithering creatures in your feet,
fear not the monsters in the darkened street.
For fear is the most vicious mind-killer, ...
Broken chains and echoing screams,
endless pieces of scattered dreams
haunt the mind of the observer,
who must now become a preserver.
As paradise is smothered in ash, ...
I dream about you, sometimes.
It's nothing much.
A random conversation
or a simple touch.
Broken chains and echoing screams,
endless pieces of scattered dreams
haunt the mind of the observer,
who must now become a staunch preserver.
As paradise is smothered in ash ...
The sky turned black with arrows,
bombs fell like meteor showers.
The evil will rise from the shadows
with the dying breath of the old powers.
In times of murderous madness and chaos ...
I will tell you a story –
one you’ve heard a thousand times
of loss and pain and glory,
of a myriad of heinous crimes.
All the mythology of ages past. ...
Ill close my eyes
You’ll say it again
That thank you note,
That careful chord -
Sonorant voice, ...
You give me a reason to live...
You give me a chance to survive,
but I can't let you continue to pushing me up!
I've given up...
You gave me a reason to smile ...
Seven stones wait for me on a Dream Beach...
Seven winds want me running with them...
Seven mermaids will ask: "Where is my sister?"...
I'm the one, who was fraud to forget...
Seven words I will write for a wisdom... ...
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