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A cold winter's evening 

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It was a cold winter's evening. I was coming home, the streets were empty and I was hearing dogs barking. However, I had a strange feeling. It was as if someone was watching me.


"What's going on? What's happening to me today?" I wondered.


As I walked, I looked around and saw someone watching me through one of the windows of an old building to my right. There were less than 2 seconds and the person in question hid (moved out of the window) and the lights went out. That was even stranger. In principle, not many people passed through these streets, but it was even more deserted that night. Doubtfully empty. The barking of the dogs stopped. Surprising. I kept going. I had almost reached home when someone threw a stone at me. He failed to hit me, but more stones began to fly at me. They slammed into my body, and each subsequent blow grew stronger. I ran away...


I was almost home. When the situation calmed down, I stopped running. I was so close... I could already see the front door, I just had to cross the street. I looked around and walked slowly out onto the road. Suddenly, as I crossed, a car sped at a furious speed a few millimeters in front of me. I couldn't see who it was... I hurried.


I went home, locked the door, made sure I didn't leave a window open, poured myself something to drink, and began to think about what had happened to me (glad the car hadn't crashed into me).


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